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Can-Am Defender

Need a side-by-side that can haul? Want a field machine that will outwork your star employee? When it comes to getting things done in the great outdoors, few vehicles are more capable than the Can-Am Defender. Whether you’re embarking on a multi-day hunting / camping trip, clearing timber from around your property, conducting agrarian chores and tasks around the farm, or simply playing around in the woods, the Can-Am Defender is a work-hard play-hard machine that is reliable as it is functional. That being said, there is always room for improvement. Couple that with basic maintenance and you’ll find yourself in need of a few aftermarket components and factory replacement parts. Be it doors that keep the weather out and mud off, gun mounts and tool fasteners to keep your gear safely secured, or any number of aftermarket Can-Am Defender accessories, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we provide riders with a wide selection of Defender parts, kits, and upgrades to keep their machine’s moving.

Now we’re definitely not opposed to those pretty-boy daddy toys decked out with the freshest wraps and latest accessories. But a good majority of Defender owners use their machine’s for more than just leisure cruises around the dude-ranch. To make a work-, hunting-, or fishing-specific Can-Am Defender, the right accessories are a must. To tow ice huts, hunting blinds, bales of hey, or anything else, you need more than a simple hitch setup and ball mount. Depending on how heavy you’re going, you may need some clutch work done and an ECU unit to alter the computer settings. To go long distances without the need for a fill station, externally mounted gas tanks are obligatory. While we do have the flashy and nasty stuff for all the power-focused Defender riders out there, we also have the parts, gear, and accessories for those who work their Can-Am Defenders do the bone.

3 products

3 products