Cargo Racks

Whether you use your rig for work, recreation, sport, or leisure, there are numerous reasons why you should install a Can-Am Defender cargo rack. In addition to helping you organize your gear and supplies, Can-Am Defender cargo racks / storage racks also enable you to carry more during rides without the need for a pull-behind UTV trailer. Fishermen often utilize Can-Am Defender cargo racks to hold their poles, tackle boxes, augers, and other fishing tools, while hunters require cargo racks to hold their weaponry and field dressing tools. Additionally, front and rear hitch-mounted cargo racks / cargo baskets are also used by hunters to haul freshly-shot deer, elk, and pronghorn. When compared to hoisting a full, half, or quartered carcass directly into the bed of a Defender, hitch-mounted cargo baskets and racks that mount closer to the ground are literal back savers. But regardless of whether you’re after a Can-Am Defender headache rack, a safari rack, or a ladder rack with a removable back crossbar that can be stored up next to the cab if needed, we have something to suit your every need here at Everything Can-Am Offroad! 

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In some cases, full-blown cargo racks, bed racks, or roof racks for the Can-Am Defender are essential for hauling large items. In other cases, however, smaller cargo racks may be better suited for the tasks at hand. Partial Can-Am Defender bed racks, for example, that stretch across the front of the bed box are super handy. You can store dog kennels and other flat objects below the rack, while supporting water tanks, spare tires, and gear bags on top. Similarly, specialty-use Can-Am Defender racks like gun racks, cooler racks, or spare tire racks can also prove beneficial in specific situations. Whatever the case may be, though, Everything Can-Am Offroad is the destination of choice for Can-Am Defender cargo racks. From steel and aluminum cargo racks to quack racks and on-hood storage racks, you can get it all here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

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