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Bed Gun Racks

"If you don’t absolutely need an in-cab gun rack solution, then we highly recommend these Can-Am bed-mounted racks from some of the best brands in the UTV accessory game. Can-Am Defender bed gun racks will allow you to make room for more passengers, audio roofs, and other interior accessories while still maintaining safe and quick access to your firearms. Contrary to popular brief, there are plenty of Can-Am bed gun racks out there that don’t take up half of your bed space. Many of these mounts will set up along the front edge or sides of the bed so you can still retain more than 90 percent of your cargo carrying capacity. That’s just the beginning in terms of possible mounting locations, however. You can choose to mount your gun in the floor of the bed, up above, and more. You have more options than you think! When setting up Can-Am Defender bed gun racks, safety is priority number one as always. To meet and exceed this expectation, the racks we offer come with model-specific and heavy-duty mounting brackets and other hardware, custom-molded inserts for a rattle-free fit, and other features to ensure that your gun remains exactly where you set it up for the entire ride. You shouldn’t have to constantly peek back to your bed or worry about your poorly secured gun clanging to the bed (or even falling off your ride entirely) in this day and age. Check out these Can-Am Defender bed gun racks and make those worries a thing of the past. "

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