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Overhead Gun Rack

"Whether you’re trying to work around a custom roof liner, dome light, and/or audio equipment embedded into your roof, Everything Can-Am Offroad has a Can-Am Defender overhead gun rack that will accommodate your unique situation. Hunters and “plinkers” alike are highly fond of UTV overhead gun racks for three important reasons. First, they keep guns out of the way so you can buy other accessories. Second, and most importantly, they’re extremely safe when installed and used correctly. Finally, Can-Am Defender overhead gun racks allow extremely quick access to your firearms, unlike other racks that require you to reach back in the cab or even get out and walk around. As mentioned, whether you have a rearview mirror, windshield wiper, sound bar or light bar mounted on or around your roof, we have plenty of Can-Am Defender overhead gun racks from quality brands like Seizmik that will allow you to store and access just about any size and style of firearm. There’s nothing more unsettling than a gun rack that shakes and rattles around while you ride – especially if you’re storing them overhead. To completely prevent this issue, we make sure to provide under-roof gun racks that come with rubberized and form-fitting clips so that neither your weapons nor the mounting surface will be scratched or poorly secured. Wherever you’re headed, the range, the lease, or just around your property, you can trust these Can-Am Defender overhead gun racks to keep your firearms safe and secure for each and every ride. "

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