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Can-Am Maverick X3 Lubricants, Liquids, And Grease

Keeping your Can-Am Maverick X3 nice and lubed up is an important factor in maintaining a properly functioning machine. Most people recognize the need to consistently grease their wheel bearings, but things like driveshafts, heim joints, and zerks also require a good amount of grease to function. And where lubrication is concerned, running the right oil in your machine is also crucial. So how does one keep their X3 properly lubed up?

Oiling Up The Can-Am Maverick X3

10w40 is the recommended grade of oil for the Can-Am Maverick X3. However full synthetic oils like the Redline 5W40 Full Synthetic, Rotella T6 5w40, or Mobil1 0w40 are also great for the engine in the X3. Changing the oil every 1000 miles or so is common practice, and when coupled with routine maintenance, will greatly extend the life of your machine. 

Some riders have managed to get lifetime free oil changes from their dealerships as a sweetener for buying their X3. But even if you’ve gotta shell out a little for an oil change or take the time to change it yourself, it’s well worth it in the long run to preserve your X3’s engine. 

As far as front differential oil goes, the owner’s manual said to run 75-90. However, if you have a 2020 XMR Turbo RR or another X3 edition with smart locking differentials, 75-140 oil is suggested for best results. 

When the X3s first came out, a lot of people found unexplained oil on their machine or garage floor. It turned out the oil was spilled when it was filled up at the dealer or the factory. This isn’t always the case, however, so if you see any oil leaking from your machine, keep a close eye on it. Some X3 owners have told us that their machines leaked at the prop shaft coming out of the tranny. 

Coolant pumps are also known to leak every now and then, but you can also check near the starter bolt (case sealant) for any failure. If you take your X3 in to have an expert look at it, make sure you are very clear and communicate your expectations to whatever services department touches it. That whole wait and see if it does it again is BS and shouldn’t be tolerated.

Greasing Up The Can-Am Maverick X3

Everyday greasing in things like the wheel bearings and zerks are common place and required regularly. Regardless of whether you bought your machine used or straight from the factory, you’re still gong to want to make sure the bearings are greased up. Over-the-axle wheel bearing grease tools can be purchased for under $50, and with this style of tool, you do not need to remove the axle or the carrier assembly to grease your X3 bearings. 

Heim joints, CV joints, and sway bar bushings can also be greased if your machine is creaky and you’re looking for a solution to make your X3 ride more smoothly and with less noise. Aftermarket accessories such as SuperATV's sway bar links can help in this regard, but if the noise stems from your radius arm joints, a little Kroil oil will do the trick. It doesn't attract dirt and keeps your joints moving freely. If you’ve just washed your machine, some WD 40 can also work, albeit not as long. 

Strange noises are also commonly found in the driveshafts of the X3. Unlike other Can-Am UTVs with grease points on the joints, the X3a driveshaft is slightly different. If you want to grease up the driveshaft, we’d suggest marking the shaft points with a paint pen. You can then unbolt the front shaft and pull the side panels to access the carrier bearing. Mark those shafts and rear then unbolt the carrier bearing so the drive shaft can move forward. Get yourself some heavy tractor grease, grease it up, then put it back together — you shouldn’t hear any strange driveshaft noises after that.  

Other Fluids For The Can-Am Maverick X3

Something like windshield wiper fluid is not unimportant, and without cooling fluid, your machine will surely overheat. So in addition to grease, oil, and other lubricants, ensuring that your fluid levels and good is an important check to make before any ride. 

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