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Can-Am Commander Lift Kits: What you Need to Know

There are plenty of modification options for the hard-core Can-Am enthusiast looking for that thrill-ride that will send their adrenaline spiking through their veins. Though the Can-Am Commander’s regular lift is enough to incite plenty of fun for any rider, those looking for that extra thrill ought to consider implementing a lift kit to their vehicle. A lift kit will take your rides up a notch in terms of thrill and capabilities while exposing new avenues for you to explore that weren’t previously possible.

If you’re interested in improving your ride with a lift kit, there are several components to consider. Before you pull out your credit card, let’s take a look at some aspects you should take into consideration before you make your final purchase.


We all have our preferred brands, but at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we work with top-rated brands so we can continue to bring our customers the best products. As enthusiasts ourselves, we know what our customers want, because we want the same thing. Here are just a few of the brands we carry that offer lift kits on our website:

Each of these brands offers top-notch products that are sure to have Can-Am enthusiasts coming back for more. Be sure to browse through each brand’s offerings to see the complete array of parts and accessories offered by each. 


Outfitting your UTV with a lift kit comes with a slew of advantages that will enhance the performance of your UTV while improving your overall experience. Having larger tires on your lifted UTV will give you more freedom on the trails while you fly through those deep mud puddles and other deep crevices that might be more difficult to navigate without the lift kit. UTV’s with a lift and larger tires are less likely to become stuck in deep holes, therefore giving the rider a better opportunity to peruse the trails without worry.

Having a lift kit will also help to reduce the tire and shock damage that is typical with a regular UTV. Rocks, potholes and stumps can wreak havoc on standard-grade UTV tires, and it can cause damage to your vehicle’s shocks. A lift kit will relocate your UTV’s shock mounts, which in turn tightens up the vehicle’s suspension and improves the machine’s ability to navigate tough terrain. 

Simple Installation

Installing a lift kit on your Can-Am Commander is meant to be simple and easy. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of resources available on the internet that will walk you through how to quickly and efficiently install your new lift kit on your Can-Am Commander. Take a look at this YouTube video, for example- it is only 1:28 long, and the entire process is covered from start to finish. For a more in-depth and hands-on review of how to install a lift kit on a Can-Am Commander, check out this video that is only eight minutes long but documents the entire process in-depth from start to finish.

From the ease of installation to the improved safety, there are several reasons for riders to consider a lift kit for their Can-Am Commander. The terrain on which you most commonly ride is important to think about when making your selection, taking into consideration which terrain might benefit most from a lift kit. Regardless, there is no wrong choice- anyone can benefit from a lift kit, no matter their location. The price is right and the benefits are aplenty, so why wait?

With summer just around the corner, riders everywhere will be scrambling to outfit their vehicle with the latest-and-greatest equipment that will make them the envy of the trails. For more information on parts and accessories for your Can-Am Commander, head over to Everything Can-Am Offroad to begin preparing for your next off-road adventure. 

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