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Minimize system damage and prevent particles from exacerbating wear in your engine, clutch, and transmission with the Can-Am Commander air intakes from Everything Can-Am Offroad! As a crucial component of combustion, oxygen is continually required by your side-by-side’s engine to function properly. And to ensure that the air your bike needs is both ample and pure, running a well-functioning Can-Am Commander air intake is critical. Many riders like to snorkel their air intakes to prevent them from getting filled with water and mud, while others use both air filters and pre filters to trap unwanted debris before it reaches the internal components. Particle separators for the Can-Am Commander are also common, which act as an additional filter to clean the air before it even reaches your stock Commander air filter. It doesn’t matter if you’re partial to mud and tired of cleaning gunk out of your air intake / filter, or if you’ve modified your engine and don’t want to risk the entry of even the slightest bit of dust, the aftermarket Can-Am Commander air intakes we offer are guaranteed to please! 

Riders with aftermarket modifications often like to use aftermarket air intakes for an increased oxygen supply. Not getting enough 02 to the engine, after all, will negatively affect the combustion process, causing the vehicle to run fuel rich. A large number of riders, however, are simply in need of replacement Can-Am Commander air intakes, which is why we offer factory-style air intakes for the Can-Am Commander as well! If you went too extreme and somehow damaged your air intake housing, or if there’s a pinhole leak somewhere in your intake system and air is escaping, we’ve got the air intake fixes and replacements to make your rig right as rain. Be it the air intake for the engine, the air intake for the belt, or an aftermarket inline intake blower mod to move more air through the CVT / belt area in a bid to preserve the belt life and keep the cab cooler, we’ve got the stuff to meet all your Can-Am Commander air intake needs here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

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