Shocks & Springs

If you want your Can-Am Maverick to feel like a go-kart on stilts, it’s time for you to check out our Can-Am Maverick R Shocks & Springs collection! Transform your Maverick R with our array of suspension upgrades, including high-strength springs and versatile air shocks, tailored for off-road mastery. Our selection features essential spring accessories like resilient bushings and practical spacers, alongside efficient spring compressors for seamless adjustments. Enhance your ride with our top-quality shock shafts and customizable clevis options, allowing precise tuning for your unique riding style. Safeguard your suspension with our premium shock guards and optimize your vehicle's load capacity with our specially designed load rings. Experience the difference with our Can-Am Maverick R Shocks & Springs shop category – your ultimate destination for the ride of your lifetime!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Shocks & Springs?

Maverick R Shocks & Springs Types

Performance Coilover Shocks

A set of high-performance coilover shocks is ideal for Maverick R owners seeking a balance of responsive handling and comfort, without going to the very extreme ends. Even though these shocks are great for varied terrain, they do come with a higher price and maintenance needs.

Air Shocks

Can-Am Maverick R air shocks offer adjustable stiffness, perfect for customizing your ride to different terrains and driving styles. They also provide great flexibility but require more maintenance and are a larger investment in general.

Lift Shocks

Primarily designed to increase ground clearance and give better approach and departure angles, lift shocks improve the overall look of your Can-Am Maverick R. However, they are known for sometimes sacrificing stability at higher speeds, so think long and hard about whether that will cause you any issues.

Heavy-Duty Springs

Heavy-duty springs are usually the best for demanding off-road conditions or heavy towing with the Can-Am Maverick R. These offer durability but lack the comfort and adjustability of air springs, making them ideal for more rugged use.

Adjustability and Maintenance Needs

It’s also a good idea to consider the level of adjustability each shock and spring option provides to your overall stance and feel. This affects how well your Can-Am Maverick R adapts to different surfaces. Also, factor in the maintenance requirements, especially for more complex systems like air shocks.

Essential Accessories

Can-Am Maverick R shocks and springs accessories like progressive springs, which offer a softer initial response and firmer compression under load-These are beneficial for blending comfort and performance. Hydraulic bump stops are also an excellent addition for enhanced impact absorption during aggressive off-roading.

Material Quality and Durability

Last, but certainly not least, also absolutely must choose shocks and springs made from high-quality materials like high-grade steel, aluminum, or chromoly for durability. Ensure they are built to endure the demanding conditions associated with the Can-Am Maverick R and consider additional features like upgraded seals and protective coatings for an extended lifespan. The construction quality is also very important, so try not to ignore any of these essential factors when shopping.