Shocks & Springs

Regardless if you’re wanting a Can-Am Maverick X3 shock tower brace, new Can-Am Maverick shock bushings, or a complete Can-Am Maverick X3 shock rebuild kit, you’ll find the right Can-Am Maverick X3 shocks and springs for any application here at Everything Can-Am Offroad. Our Can-Am Maverick Xspring kits and Can-Am Maverick Xtender springs make for a quick and easy way to improve your rig’s ride, while our Can-Am Maverick Xspring spacers, Can-Am Maverick Xshock covers, and aftermarket Can-Am Maverick Xsuspension upgrades by companies like Shock Therapy, Zbroz Racing, and Lonestar Racing are guaranteed to take your Can-Am Maverick’s suspension system to a whole new level of plushness and performance!


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If your Can-Am Maverick X3 is extra heavy and weighed down with spare parts, a week's worth of gear, and loads of aftermarket accessories, a set of upgraded Heavy Duty Can-Am Maverick X3 springs is sure to help improve your ride. And depending on the year / edition of your Can-Am Maverick X3, your vehicle's shocks and springs might underperform on the type of terrain you most frequently ride. Although the Maverick X3 XDS has the same width as the Maverick X3 XRS, the XDS comes stock with upgraded shocks. So if you want more travel from the sway bars and yearn for the ability to traverse larger ravines / conquer bigger obstacles, swapping out your Can-Am Maverick X3 shocks will help. Aftermarket Can-am Maverick X3 shocks give the machine’s suspension more travel, making the ride smoother and giving users the ability to adjust their suspension system at any time. A good part about UTV shocks is that they’re usually quite easy to put on. Some aftermarket shocks require different bolts, while others demand more substantial modifications — such as drilling out bolt holes and grinding down the shock’s base plate — but for the most part, stock Can-Am Maverick X3 shocks and springs can be swapped out with aftermarket alternatives with quickness and ease!

The factory Can-Am Maverick X3 shocks and springs are decent for general-purpose use. But if you’re wanting to optimize the rebound of your Can-Am Maverick X3 shocks for dune riding, maximize the height of your Can-Am Maverick X3 shocks for increased ground clearance on trails, or stiffen your Can-Am Maverick X3 springs for less side-to-side roll when cornering during races, we’ve got the right products for you at Everything Can-Am Offroad! Our Can-Am Maverick X3 spring kits, for example, are a great way to rejuvenate your rig’s suspension system without having to pay an arm and a leg for a completely new suspension setup. The off-road firm RT Pro offers 2” replacement springs for the Can-Am Maverick X3, while companies like Zbroz Racing and UTV Inc. produce Can-Am Maverick X3 Dune / Desert spring kits and Can-Am Maverick X3 Max Stage 2 spring kits that’ll make your ride plusher, more responsive, and better suited for the terrain over which you ride. No matter what you’re after, be it Can-Am Maverick X3 shock springs, Can-Am Maverick X3 tender springs, or Can-Am Maverick X3 springs, Everything Can-Am Offroad is where it can all be found!

Like the terrain-specific Can-Am Maverick X3 shocks and springs for sand and street, Can-Am Maverick X3 spring spacers and Can-Am Maverick X3 spring lifts are also used by riders to improve their rig’s performance on rocks, ruts, and rugged trails. Long travel suspension kits for the Can-Am Maverick X3 are great for mud and swampy locations, while the Pro Series shock tower support units by TMW Offroad are almost compulsory for those who keep shearing bolts while hill climbing and rock crawling. And if you’re experiencing a noticeable amount of Can-Am Maverick X3 spring sag, you might want to consider a set of HD Can-Am Defender springs that are stiffer and more durable than stock springs.

Can-Am Maverick X3 shock rebuilds and revalving your Can-Am Maverick X3 shocks are both viable options. And if you’re new to the UTV scene, you might also be able to achieve a better-quality ride by conducting a few Can-Am Maverick X3 shock adjustments that you didn’t know were possible. In some cases, Can-Am Maverick X3 shock squeak issues are due to worn out Can-Am Maverick X3 shock bushings. So if you want a cheap and easy way to make your rig sound less like Mr. Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, some replacement Can-Am Maverick X3 shock bushings could set you straight. Alternatively, to prevent shock / spring damage from the onset, installing some Can-Am Maverick X3 shock covers is a smart move!

When it comes to shock / suspension upgrades for the Can-Am Maverick X3, there are multiple paths you can venture on. You could swap your existing shocks out for QS3 shocks, go with some DSC shocks, or upgrade your Can-Am Maverick X3 shocks with a kit from Shock Therapy. You can also replace the QS3 adjusters with DCS adjusters, but to get rebound adjustments, you will also have to replace the OEM eyelets and shafts. Unless you are going to fine-tune your shocks with the included adjuster screws, however, standard Can-Am Maverick X3 shocks will work just fine. Can-Am Maverick X3 spring replacements, on the other hand, are worth every penny, and will make a huge difference in the overall feel and performance of your UTV. But regardless of whether you’re eyeing limiter straps to avoid bottoming out, or gussets and shock braces to bolster your rig’s front end, all the best Can-Am Maverick X3 shock and spring accessories are easy to come by here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

If swapping out springs isn’t going to cut it, you may want to consider installing aftermarket shocks on your Maverick X3. You can send your shocks into UTV shock companies like Shock Therapy to have them rebuilt, but we’ve heard of people getting their shocks back and being quite unsatisfied. Plus, a beefier shock system might be necessary if you pack a lot of weight. Say, for example, you have a full size, 31 inch spare tire on Your Can-am spare tire rack at all times as well as a Can-Am storage box loaded up with tools and essentials. Add a rear pull plate with a 4000 lb winch setup and you could nearly have 300 extra pounds on your machine. So depending on the total aftermarket parts, tool, and spares that you cary, you might want to consider Eibach’s Stage 2 spring kit. They do have the Stage 3 kit, but this would be a bit overkill for most riders that aren’t riding a fully loaded rally car setup with a large fuel cell, spare tire, and extensive cage additions. No matter how heavy your machine is and regardless of your style of driving, at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got the right Can-Am Maverick X3 Shocks for you.

Aside from the ease of installation and understanding the role that your shocks play in the life of your Can-Am Maverick X3, you should also pay attention to the wear and tear on your shocks and springs. This means not waiting until your ride feels like you are risking whiplash from the time you sit in it. Your shocks are a major part of your suspension and if they need to be changed and you wait too long to have them changed then the cost to you increases as you risk damage to other suspension components. Choosing the right shocks for your UTV is a breeze especially as you are here and the UTV aftermarket parts that we carry are simply superior. Choose from any of the options here for your machine and you will be satisfied with their performance. The brands that you have access to through us are Lonestar Racing, TMW Offroad, Assault Industries, Ricochet Off-Road, SuperATV, ModQuad, Rigid, and Turnkey UTV. They are as badass as you can get for your machine and you will also find shocks and springs right here if you rock a Can-Am Maverick MAX, Maverick Sport, Maverick Trail, Maverick X3, or the Maverick X3 MAX.

The quality of your shocks can vastly improve or worsen the quality of your ride. For riders that stick to the tough trails, high-quality shocks are necessary to get through the experience comfortably. You can prevent damage to the underside of your Can-Am Maverick X3 by switching to shocks with maximum absorbency. The shocks that we supply at Everything Can-Am Offroad are heavy-duty and durable, just as it should be. You can get 2-Piece Rear Trailing Arm & Shock Guards for your Can-Am Maverick X3, a Shock Tower Brace for your Can-Am Maverick MAX, Elka Stage 5 Shocks for your Can-Am Maverick X3, Shock Reservoir Nitrogen Expansion Caps for your Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX, a Front Upper Shock Support for your Can-Am Maverick SPORT or Front Only Shock Guards for your Can-Am Maverick TRAIL. We also supply all of the replacement parts that you’ll need. Get shocks and springs for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.