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So you’ve equipped your Can-am Defender with the latest skid plates, rock sliders, and bumpers to protect it on the trail. But if you don’t cover your side-by-side when not in use, everyday wear and tear can wreak havoc on both the exterior and internal components. Few things are a detrimental to a UTV as sitting outside all winter long unprotected; which is why shielding your Can-am Defender with a properly fitting cover is absolutely crucial. Even if you park your rig indoors inside a shed, garage, or barn, throwing a cover overtop can thwart the accumulation of dust and prevent vermin from turning your side-by-side into a vacation home. Whether you have an XMR Max, an XT DPS, or any other Can-am Defender edition, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got a cover to fit your UTV. With a variety of Can-am Defender covers, you can protect your machine when trailering or when not in use. And unlike other off-brand covers that tend to tear after a few months, the storage covers here at Everything Can-Am Offroad are made with quality materials and are built to last.

Sure you can go the redneck MacGyver route and bungee or ratchet strap a tarp or shipping blanket down on top of your rig, but with half-assed solutions come half-assed results. If you really want to keep the elements off of your machine when it is not in use or protect it when driving down the highway, a properly-sized UTV cover is a must. With built-in loops and stitched tie-downs, the covers here at Everything Can-An Offroad are second to none. And because we only offer side-by-side covers from trustworthy UTV accessory manufacturers, you can rest easy knowing that your ride is safe and sound. Don’t wait and get your Can-am Defender storage cover today!

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