To achieve extra security, coverage, shade, and comfort, the best thing you can add to your UTV is a Can-Am Defender roof! And when it comes to Can-Am Defender metal roofs, Can-Am Defender sport roofs, and even Can-Am Defender roof liners, your best bet to find a quality roof at an affordable price is a place called Everything Can-Am Offroad!


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It’s not hard to understand why having a good roof or top on your Can-Am Defender is important. Your Can-Am Defender’s roof is what keeps you and your passengers protected from the harsh and unforgiving off-road elements. Without your Can-Am Defender’s roof or top, beating sun, pelting rain, freezing snow, and falling debris would all make your riding much less enjoyable. What many Can-Am Defender owners fail to realize is that they’re not stuck with the stock roof that came with their vehicle. The Can-Am Defender’s stock roof is known for being flimsy and not very easy on the eyes. For those who don’t want to settle for their stock roof, we have a wide selection of great aftermarket Can-Am Defender roofs, hard tops, soft tops, and roof accessories.

What makes some Can-Am Defender roofs good for some riders, such as the strength and bulkiness of a metal roof, will act as detractors for other riders. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to Can-Am Defender roofs, but with our wide selection you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. We have tinted polycarbonate roofs, stainless steel roofs, soft top roofs, plastic roofs, and even Can-Am Defender stock replacement roofs. Here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, there really is a Can-Am Defender roof for everyone. One kind of roof many Can-Am Defender owners find particularly useful is a cargo roof. For example, the Can-Am Defender 60" Wide Molded Roof with Cargo Tray by Rough Country offers 60 inches of extra storage space that can really come in handy if your job or outdoor excursion involves transporting a lot of cargo. Additionally, this durable yet lightweight roof offers the overhead protection you need without the burden of unnecessary weight.

When it comes to deciding which roof is best for your Can-Am Defender, aside from knowing which model of Defender you have so you can get the perfect fit, something you’ve got to take into consideration is what kind of look you’re going for. The options that we have when it comes to roofs for your Can-Am Defender include UTV aftermarket roofs that are soft, hard, clear, or transparent. If you want to go all out, you can even add a graphic kit for some extra flair. However, keep in mind that the roof upgrade you choose is more than just a fashion statement for your Can-Am Defender. They are the barrier that stands between you and the outdoor elements such as the rain, sun, snow, sleet, mud, sticks, stones, branches, and other flying debris that you have no control over as you race across the off-road terrain.

We only work with the best aftermarket UTV brands in the business. UTV Mountain, Bad Dawg, Spike Powersports, and Battle Armor are some of the brands we work with and that you can trust to provide you with the quality Can-Am Defender roof that you are looking for. Choose one of our many options and you will be satisfied with your decision for many years to come. Due to the quality of the aftermarket Can-Am Defender roofs we offer, it will probably end up being the last roof upgrade you will ever need to make. After all, your Can-Am Defender deserves nothing less than the best.

Unless you’re a real redneck McGiver, using plywood and packaging tape for a makeshift Can-am Defender roof just ain’t gonna cut it. And yes, Wal-Mart has those 9’ porch umbrellas on sale for $19.99 if you don’t mind looking like Mary Poppins when you roll up. For the more serious side-by-side riders, however, a proper Can-am Defender top will provide heaps of benefits — from blocking rain and snow to keeping your dome shielded from falling branches and rocks. But with so many UTV roofs out there for the Can-am Defender, it can be hard to know where to start. The Can-am Defender metal roofs like those by Battle Armor and Rage won’t work with SuperATV rear windows, whereas the OEM Can-am Defender roof will. Sure you can cut the roof and make other alterations to fit the windshield, but after paying so much for an aftermarket UTV roof this can be quite frustrating. Some people like the look of the OEM roof as well, saying that the front of Battle Armor roofs look like a hat brim and Rage roofs don’t look clean. However, this overhanging brim comes in handy if you’re going to install a light bar.

Roofs and roof accessories are a great way to add extra style and functionality to your Can-Am Defender. Whether you’re farming in the sun all day or plowing snow from your driveway, a roof can help to protect you from the elements. On long treks, you and your Can-Am Defender’s passengers can remain under the shadow of your new roof and avoid the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays. When the skies open up on you, your interior will be shielded from the pouring rain and dangerous flying debris. The roof options at Everything Can-Am Offroad are endless. You can get a Back Seat and Roll Cage Kit with Rear Soft Top for your Can-Am Defender or a Universal Roof with Cargo Rack for your Can-Am Defender MAX and get safety and utility in one. With hard and soft options to choose from, we know that you’ll find the perfect option. Get a roof for your Can-Am Defender from Everything Can-Am Offroad today!

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