Winter is coming, but thanks to our specialized Can-Am Maverick R Heaters collection, you won’t even feel it! Say hello to heater kits, engineered for maximum efficiency and tailored to the Maverick R's specifications. Customize or upgrade your existing setup with individual heating components, crafted for seamless integration. Additionally, our range includes essential heater accessories such as high-quality radiator hoses, precision-engineered thermostats, and robust clamps, ensuring your heating system functions flawlessly. Order your Can-Am Maverick R heater today and turn winter’s frost into nothing but a visual experience!


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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick Heaters?

Maverick R Heater Types

Choose a heater type that aligns with your Can-Am Maverick R’s usage and where you live. Some areas experience harsh and unforgiving winters where temperatures plummet under livable levels. This is where a powerful and encompassing heater is a must. Other, milder regions can do with something a bit more basic and not designed to work at full tilt all the time. Most common options include air-blowing heaters for uniform cabin warmth, compact ceramic heaters for quick heating, radiant infrared heaters for direct body warmth, and eco-friendly convection heaters for gradual, ambient heating. Air-blowing heaters efficiently distribute warmth, while ceramic heaters are versatile and quick-acting. Infrared heaters provide immediate comfort, and convection heaters offer steady, all-around warmth.

Heat Output

Heaters for UTVs like the Can-Am Maverick R vary in power, typically from 1,000 to 4,500 watts, so be sure to keep that in mind. Consider the size of your Maverick R's cabin and your desired heating speed to choose an appropriate heater. Higher wattage is ideal for larger spaces or colder environments, but be mindful of the balance between power, efficiency, and cost.

Safety Features

Safety is crucial when installing a heater in your Maverick R as these systems transport lots of heat, heat that could damage your Can-Am Maverick R if you don’t keep everything in check. To make your life easier, look for features like overheat protection, automatic shut-off in case of tilting, and moisture resistance. Choose rugged designs capable of withstanding the off-road environment of the Maverick R, ensuring durability and safe operation for many years to come.

Noise Consideration

For those who enjoy the serenity of nature or use their Can-Am Maverick R for discreet activities like hunting, a quiet heater is essential. Find heaters that offer effective heating without loud operation, maintaining a peaceful outdoor experience while also keeping your hunting approach as stealthy as possible.

Compatibility with Can-Am Maverick R Enclosures

If your Can-Am Maverick R has or will have a cab enclosure, select a heater compatible with this setup as you want to match these two professionally. For fully enclosed cabins, a powerful ceramic heater can quickly warm the space. Without an enclosure, consider options like seat warmers or smaller, more targeted heaters to provide direct warmth where it's needed most.