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Right up there on the list of things that can incapacitate your Can-Am Commander along with broken axles and blown engines stand flat tires. But, before you reach to thoughts of being stranded out on the trail with a flat tire and a slightly deflated spare tire and no pump, what about something simpler, such as it’s time to change your tires as the threading has been worn down below acceptable levels and you are now depending mostly on your driving skills as well as forgiving trails to allow you to reach to where you are going safely. If either of those sound like reasons for you to get a new set of tires then you have already waited too long but it is ok, your CanAm Commander is in capable hands at Everything Can-Am Offroad.


Another reason to upgrade your tires on your Side by Side is simply to upgrade the tires on your Side by Side. The land of tires is full of variety and the options that you have access to via Everything Can-Am Offroad are many. If you ride your tires through sand often, there are tires for that. Want to give your machine a more rugged finish while also adding much-appreciated traction? We have tires for that. Everything Can-Am Offroad has all of your UTV aftermarket accessory needs covered. Getting the best tires for your Side by Side has never been easier.

Choosing the brand that you want to go with, and choosing the tire that matches your style and needs, that is where the real headache comes in, but we at Everything Can-Am Commander are here to walk you through each tire till you find the best fit for your Can-Am Commander. The brands available include STI PowersportCan-Am AccessoriesMooseSuperATVDragonFire and Fuel Offroad, all of whom are brands that riders depend on to keep the good times rolling. These brands also supply the UTV worlds top racers with tires so that you know the brands that you have access to are tried, tested and have a stamp of approval from the best.

The best Can-am Commander tire for you will depend on the type of riding you do. For all-around riding, Maxxis Carnivores come highly recommended. They spec out at 30x10x14, but in reality run about 28.5-29 -- perfect for logging roads and light trail riding. Many riders have also expressed their love Blackwater Evo’s. They are a tough, 8 ply tire but still lighter than any comparable UTV tire. They provide very good traction for trail riding and perform decent in mud as well. If price is your limiting factor, Tusk Terrabites are probably the least expensive option, and a set of ITP bajacross tires will never leave you stuck -- although certainly not the highest traction in slick mud or snow. Finally, Dirt Commanders are prevalent as well, with riders enjoying the stiffer sidewall.

For all the sand riders out there ripping up the dunes, UTV sand tires can help you step up your game. The Doonz rear UTV paddle tires and front blade tires are perfect for the sand. They come with a lug pattern that matches the Can-am Commander using around 50 caliber bead lock wheels. If you’re looking for Can-am Commander street tires, mud tires, or anything in between, at Everything Can-am Offorad, we’ve got the best Can-am Commander Wheels and Tires to get you where you’re going.

Tires are some of the most exciting upgrades that you can make as they are easily identified and you can feel the difference right away. Some riders seek high-performance tires that can keep up with the rough trails and brutal terrain that they frequent while for other riders, its all about the look and they go all out to achieve it. This can include changing out their stock shocks and adding a lift kit for the full effect. You can get All Terrain Tires that can take you from rocky hills to sand dunes for your 2020 Can-Am Commander or D.O.T Approved Gripper 10 Ply Radial Tires that are beefed up for longevity and performance for your 2020 Can-Am Commander MAX. Standard or sticky compound, multiple tread depths and tire sizes that range from 26 to 40 are just some of the options you can choose from when selecting your new tires. Get tires for your side by side from Everything Can-AmOffroad.

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