Snow Plows

Prepare yourself for winter wonders with our exclusive Can-Am Maverick R Snow Plow Collection, your perfect partner in making snow disappear! Our range includes a variety of snow plow styles to suit your needs, such as the highly effective straight blade, the adaptable V-blade, and the terrain-conforming country blade. Outfit your Maverick R with sturdy mounting systems and vital enhancements like robust wear bars, pliable deflector flaps, and easily visible blade markers. Also, delve into our selection of specialized snow plow accessories, featuring adjustable actuators and protective side shields, arming you to tackle any snowy situation with assurance and effectiveness. Make your Can-Am Maverick R unstoppable this winter by adding a high-performance snow plow, ensuring every snowfall brings nothing but joy!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Snow Plows?

Can-Am Maverick R Snow Plow Blade Types

Straight Blades

Straight blades are ideal for light to moderate snowfall and are usually what most UTV owners use. Straight blades are simple and effective for straightforward snow-clearing tasks. However, there may be better choices for heavy or dense snow.

V Blades

V Can-Am Maverick R blades are highly versatile, making them suitable for various snow conditions and terrains. They excel in handling different types of snow but require consistent maintenance, so do keep that in mind.

Country Blades

Designed for heavy snow and challenging terrains, country blades are robust but may come with a higher price tag and require a stronger setup for optimal efficiency. These are your professional go-to, but they require more experience.

Blade Size Considerations

Large blades are suitable for open areas because larger blades can clear more snow. However, they are usually pricier and impact the Maverick R's handling a lot more. Small blades, on the other hand, are better for residential or narrow spaces, they offer more maneuverability and make your Can-Am Maveric R more manageable to clear with.

Build Materials and Durability

Can-Am Maverick R steel blades are known for their durability since these are great for heavy-duty plowing but can be heavy and prone to rust. Aluminum blades offer more of a balance between strength and weight, but are versatile and may cost more. You should also pay attention to how durable all of the linkages, latches, bushings, and connecting mechanisms are, especially if you mostly clear uneven and windy roads.

Useful Added Features

Quick Attachment Systems - Reduce setup and removal time significantly with quick attachment systems as these are designed to be simple and elegant to use. Adjustable Blade Angles - Can-Am Maverick R adjustable blade angles provide versatility for different snow conditions and allow for easier direction changes. User-Friendly Controls - Simplify adjustments and improve precision in varying conditions. You can do more with thinking less about how to use your plow!

Maintenance and Storage

Proper maintenance is key to prolonging the life and efficiency of your snow plow—regular cleaning after use and proper storage when not in use are both essential. While the Can-Am Maverick R is versatile, ensuring your plow is well-maintained will prevent premature wear and tear, saving you money and time in the long run. This is especially the case for more sensitive metals such as steel which can suffer from corrosion if not treated and stored properly. Remember, a snow plow is a tool that needs its own toolbox and should be stored in an organized, clean, and tidy way.