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Ask anyone for recommendations on Can-Am Maverick mirrors and mirror accessories and they’ll tell you, if you’re looking for the biggest selection of the highest quality UTV mirrors, look no further than Everything Can-Am Offroad. Nothing looks more gangster than Assault mirrors on an OG Maverick, but the UTV company Seizmik also makes quality Can-am Maverick side view mirrors that use cube mounts so that you can place them anywhere along the roll cage or on specific types of Can-am doors. This is where some of the more expensive UTV mirrors fall short. Rigid mirrors, for instance, cost a pretty penny, but their mounts don’t live up to the cost. Sure you can make your own clamps, but why not just get a cheaper mirror that performs better and includes the proper mounting accessories? If you go with Sizemik, though, make sure to get the aluminum mirrors, as the plastic ones have been known to fall after a short trail ride. But even if you’re Seizmik Can-Am Maverick rear view mirrors or side mirrors fall of or get broken, the come with a lifetime warranty against anything! Break the glass on your UTV mirror after hitting a tree? If you have Sizemik mirrors, just say the word and you’ll have a brand new one sent to your door.

The type of Can-Am Maverick mirror you choose will also depend on what type of Maverick you have. The X3 roll cage has a different angle to it, so the mirrors on a regular Maverick won’t tilt down enough to actually use them. With some types of UTV mirrors you can compensate for this with the tilt of the mirror, but if not, you might have to drill an extra hole — otherwise they can’t be adjusted enough to see the ground. Chupacabra mirrors are also frequently used by Maverick owners because they are roll cage mounted mirrors that sit up higher on the cage. And if you run an aftermarket roof, make sure that it is compatible with the Can-Am Maverick rear view mirror you choose. The last thing you need is to get a UTV mirror only to find out that it doesn’t work without significant, machine-altering, modifications. Be it roll cage mounted side mirrors or a Can-Am Maverick rear view mirror with a suction cup mounting device, at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we have all the best and highest-visibility UTV mirrors on the market!

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1 - 36 of 83 products

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