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A top notch winch on your Can-Am Commander takes getting yourself out of a sticky situation to another level. If you ever find your Side by Side stuck in a mud hole, having a tough-as-nails Can-am Commander winch on your UTV just might save the day. Investing in a winch for your CanAm Commander is like always having a helping hand, whether it is to help yourself or to lend a hand to a fellow rider who have found themselves stuck in a ditch or otherwise.


1 - 36 of 48 products

1 - 36 of 48 products

Different winches come in varying weight ratings from 2500 lbs., 3000 lbs., 3500 lbs., and even 4500 lbs and trusting a brand to deliver the support via quality is a big ask. While a Can-am Commander 4500 lb Winch will surely get you out of any sticky situation, a Can-am Commander 2500 lb Winch does well in most circumstances. Regardless, we at Everything Can-Am Offroad carry just the brands that can deliver exceptional quality and performance. One such brand is Warn Winch, who specialize in winches and winch accessories and have been in the UTV industry for decades now. The winches that you can find from Warn Winch features a waterproof design, a planetary gear system, a guaranteed rated pull line and a variety of options for the pull line which include wire cable, aircraft cable, or Dyneema rope -- but if you’re not running Monster Rigging synthetic winch lines, than you’ve never had a “real” winch line before.

Warn’s Can-am Commander 3500 lb Winch is a popular one; not too big and not too small. One of the benefits from running an OEM or Warn winch is that you don’t have to run your own wires. We’ve seen riders with Badlands harbor freight winches that had to run their own wires, which can be a bit complicated depending on your rig and the winch you chose. You may have to install a switch/relay and might also need to manually run your power and ground cables directly to the battery. This makes sense when you consider the size difference of the wires on the Can-am Commander in comparison with the wires you see that power the winch. The power draw is much more than those wires can handle. But with a factory Can-am Commander winch, you’ll get a pre-wired harness so you don’t have to wire it up yourself. And with regards to winch mounts, why not just get a Can-am Commander winch bumper like the ones by Wild Boar to attach your UTV winch to. Some winches use toggle switches that are dash mounted for controls, while others use handheld control sticks that are either wired or wireless.

Whatever your winch needs you can depend on Everything Can-Am Offroad to the UTV aftermarket accessories that can handle the job that you want done. You can find the winch that you need as well as all necessary accessories and they will work so well with your Can-Am Commander that it will seem as though your Side by Side came with it originally. Take a break from stressing about heading out onto the muddy farm, you finally have the support necessary to get the job done in no time with a winch from KFI ProductsWarn WinchKolpin PowersportsQuadbossSuperATVExtreme Metal Products or Superwinch.

A winch is an absolute must-have accessory for every rider. It doesn’t matter whether you use your UTV for farming, plowing, hunting, racing or trail riding. A good heavy-duty winch is a rider’s best friend. What else can pull you out of a muddy pit? Winches are available in many different weights so that you aren’t limited in what you can pull because your machine can’t handle it. You can get a “big boy” 5000 lb. Black Ops UTV Synthetic Rope Winch for your 2020 Can-Am Commander or a smaller but still powerful 3500 lb. Powersport Winch with Steel Cable or Synthetic Rope for your 2020 Can-Am Commander MAX. These winches have water-resistant seals that help to keep it protected from the elements and are easy-to-use yet relentless against its opponent. They are wired with high-quality rocker switches and some even come with wireless remote controls. Get winches for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

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