Bumpers and Guards

Protect your Can-Am Commander from damage with durable front and rear bumpers and brush guards. Choose from a variety of options including winch bumpers, HMF bumpers, and Slasher bumpers to find the perfect fit for your off-road UTV winch. In addition to bumper components like end caps, bolts, and light guards, these bumpers are designed to withstand unexpected mishaps on the road. Invest in Can-Am Commander bumpers to keep your vehicle protected from unforeseen accidents and stay prepared for any off-road challenge. Don't wait, get your Can-Am Commander bumper today!

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In the world of aftermarket UTV accessories, there are many brands that purport themselves to be the best, but at Everything Can-Am Offroad you can trust and believe that every option given to you is the best in its league. Be it a Can-Am Commander front bumper, a Can-Am rear bumper, or a Can-Am brush guard, the research has been done on your behalf so that all the information that you need to choose the right bumper for your Can-Am Commander is right at your fingertips. And if you’re a mud rider or sand slinger, the powder coated Can-Am Commander winch bumper by SuperATV is sure to withstand years of punishment from the grit and grime. With the aforementioned brands as well as bumpers from Side by Side companies such as Battle Armor, Bad Dawg, and Extreme Metal Products, the options you have for Can-am Commander bumpers, bed rails, tree kickers, and radiator / brush guards for your rig are not only various, but you are sure to find an option for whatever year, make, or edition of Can-Am Commander that are proud to call yours.

These brands all have a few things in common, they offer top of the line parts, they have been at the top of their game for quite a while, their parts have been tried and tested via by both rigorous in-house testing methods as well as constant feedback from UTV riders around the world. They have all been involved both the UTV industry as well as the wider powersports industry and employ teams of engineers, designers, fabricators and the latest software for rapid prototyping and component optimization. The aftermarket accessory that you choose here will serve you for years to come. It doesn’t matter if you use and abuse your rig through extreme offroad punishment, or only use it to drive to and from church every sunday, the UTV bumper or Can-am Commander front brush guard you find here at Everything Can-Am Commander Offroad will keep you and your Side by Side safe and protected.

Protecting your ride from the elements and nature, in general, has never been as easy as you will find it is when looking at the bumpers, guards, radiator guards and nerf bars that we carry here. The options are many and that may be a bit much to process but we are on hand to help you to make an educated decision about which options are best suited to your Can-Am Commander. Some of the brands that we carry include EMP, Strong Made, TurnKey UTV, Bad Dawg, Trail Armor and SuperATV. These brands are at the top of their game and stay at the top of the UTV aftermarket industry by providing only the best for your machine. They have the best engineers working at crafting and coming up with the next advancement in innovation when it comes to your UTV. These are the minds that stand behind each part that you choose for your machine. Some of the parts that you will find here include front bumpers, rock sliding nerf bars, brush guards with built-in winch mounts and rear upper brush guards. Whatever your bumper and guard needs are, we are sure that you will not just find the perfect match for your Can-Am Commander or Commander MAX, but that it will serve you beyond your expectations.

A bumper not only adds style to your ride but function also. It protects the front or rear of your UTV by providing a tough barrier against any trees, rocks or other materials it may come into contact with. Some bumpers also include a bash plate that ups the ante. With all these features, it’s a no- brainer that your Can-Am Commander will benefit greatly from a heavy-duty bumper. Did we mention that additional guards are also available for even more protection? Upper brush guards fit perfectly to protect your taillights and the top of your tailgate and can be assembled easily and in no time. They also add style to your rig as they are available in a few colors. We supply Front Bumper/Brush Guard with Winch Mounts for your Can-Am Commander and Full Skids with Integrated Nerf Sliders for your Can-Am Commander MAX. Made from the toughest quality materials these guards will ensure that your UTV can withstand anything. Get bumpers and guards for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.