With our specialized Can-Am Maverick R Windshields collection, you can ensure your adventures are comfortable, safe, and as quiet as you want! Discover sleek tinted windshields or crystal-clear full screens, alongside versatile half windshields for a blend of protection and airflow. Innovative folding designs and vented options offer adaptability to changing conditions. For a complete shield from the elements, consider our durable rear windshields. Each piece is constructed from scratch-resistant materials, ensuring lasting clarity and resilience. Complement your Maverick R with top-tier windshield cleaners and secure mounting hardware for a perfect fit and clear vision on every trail. Choose your ideal windshield today, and transform your Can-Am Maverick R into something different!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Windshields?

Types of Maverick R Windshields

The type of windshield you choose should align with your driving needs and preferences. These are the most popular Can-Am Maverick R windshield types on the market!

Full Windshields

Offering comprehensive protection from the elements, full windshields are perfect for diverse weather conditions while also providing complete front-end enclosure.

Half Windshields

A great choice for balancing protection with airflow, suitable for warmer climates or less extreme conditions. Think of these as the bare minimum.

Folding or Vented Windshields

These adaptable options are perfect for adjusting to changing environments, offering controlled airflow while still protecting your Can-Am Maverick R interior when you want it.

Material Quality and Durability

Polycarbonate: Known for its impact and scratch resistance, and often comes with UV protection to minimize sun damage. Acrylic: Offers clarity and is lightweight but less durable against impacts compared to polycarbonate. Glass Windshields: Provide excellent visibility and durability, especially if tempered, but are heavier and may require robust mounting.

Advanced Features and Maintenance

Flip Windshields: Allow flexibility between full and half coverage. Tinted Options: Reduce glare and provide UV protection. Vented Designs:  Manage airflow while maintaining protection. Quality Windshield Cleaners: Essential for maintaining visibility, especially in dusty or muddy conditions.

Safety and Security

Make sure the windshield fits securely on your Can-Am Maverick R, reducing risks during dynamic rides. Proper installation and a snug fit are crucial for both the safety and the integrity of the entire vehicle.

Comfort and Aerodynamics

Aerodynamic Design: Choose a design that reduces drag and cabin noise, enhancing both the speed and fuel efficiency of your Can-Am Maverick R. Easy Installation/Removal: Having the ability to easily install and remove your windshield offers great levels of flexibility, so much so that you can always match the weather with your respective windshield setup. Noise Reduction Features: Windshields designed to deflect airflow can significantly reduce cabin noise for a more comfortable ride. Sound deadening is also a great addition, and so are multi-layered seals.