Protect yourself from wind, dust, and debris while you ride in your Can-Am Commander with a full, half, or rear windshield. Whether it's winter, summer, or all-season riding, we've got a windshield that will meet your needs. Choose from glass windshields for winter, vented windshields for summer, or folding, flip-up, or tip-out windshields that are tempered or hard-coated for extra strength and durability. Don't let weather conditions slow you down - power through with a Can-Am Commander windshield today!

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Whether you want a full or half windshield or one that gives you the option to fold it down. Whether you want a Can-am Commander glass windshield with built-in vents so that you can control the flow of air into the cab or a polycarbonate Can-am Commander front windshield instead of a glass, we’ll help you weigh your options to find a windshield that meets not only your budget and riding style, but also your local climate and weather conditions. You can find every single variation of windshield from the top offroading brands in today’s UTV market. It is an awesome time to be looking to add-on or upgrade the windshield for your CanAm Commander because of the very wide selection that you have available to you.

Protect yourself and your passengers from the brunt of direct wind to face and even from the harmful UV rays of the sun by investing in a windshield today. You will find that once you add this option to your arsenal for your Side by Side, you will love having the added protection should you choose a trail with low hanging branches. In that case, the windshield is made to take the blows from the branches, your face, not so much. Quite a few of the windshields that you can find here can be installed on the go or within minutes so that you can enjoy the clarity of vision on a whim when you have already headed out on the day’s adventure

All the windshields that we carry are deserving of a place on your CanAm Commander, and they are all made by the top brands including SuperATVOver Armour OffroadSpike PowersportsDot Weld OffroadMooseGCL UTV and Extreme Metal Products to name a few. It is safe to say that your UTV is in amazing hands.

Can-am Commander half windshields are viable option to deflect wind above your head. They are nice for mild days and riders who prefer unadulterated visibility when riding. Further, trails can get very dusty, muddy, and wet, leaving you unable to see. So unless you have a Can-am Commander windshield wiper and fluid, it may be hard to see out of a full windshield. Enter the Can-am Commander folding windshield series. Be it a tilt up windshield, a Can-am Commander fold down windshield, or the full windshield with the top 3/4 that folds out to vent, these multi-functional Can-am Commander windshields have a little something for everyone, and are thus in high demand. Some split down the middle, while others have upper sections that are hinged at the top and fold out about 8” where it meets the lower “half” — or removes with two knobs and a hook over a pin.

While the front Can-Am Commander windscreen gets a lot of attention, many riders overlook Can-am Commander rear windshields. Many times when riding — especially if you run a half windshield or a full windshield without doors — a phenomenon called the Venturi effect occurs, which is basically a vortex that pulls dirt and dust into the cab and swirled it in your face. Running a Can-am Commander rear window can help mitigate this effect, and so too can cab enclosure systems as well as Can-am Commander vented windshields. No matter what your UTV windshield needs may be, however, we’ve got the right windscreens for the front, back, and sides of your Can-am Commander!

There are many options that you may not have even been aware of when it comes to windshields for your UTV. For example, you can choose to have a glass, polycarbonate or vinyl windshield. You are not only limited to glass, which as tough as it is is not the only tough option when it comes to your Can-Am Commander. Another option that you may not have considered, is going with a windshield that has three different states, full, half and fold away. This means that while on the trail, you can adjust it to suit your driving conditions which can involve the sun’s glare, the wind conditions, the low hanging branches of trees and even the flying projectiles that are being kicked up by your fellow rider who is ahead of you on the trail. Aside from the windshield that offers you all three windshield modes, you have the option of choosing a full windshield, a full windshield that comes with built-in vents so that you can control the airflow into your cab, a half windshield or a foldable windshield. These UTV aftermarket windshields are just badass. Choose the one that best meets your needs for your Can-Am Commander or Can-Am Commander MAX today.

The protection that a windshield offers cannot be understated. It helps to keep you and your riders safe from rain, snow, harsh winds at top speed and even the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays. It also creates a barrier that improves visibility and when windshield wipers are added, allow the driver to see clearly through the most blinding rain and thickest snow. It encloses the cab to keep the temperature at a comfortable level so that you can ride for longer. You can get a Full Front Windshield with Top and Back Combo for your Can-Am Commander or a Dust Stopper Cab Back with Rear Window for your Can-Am Commander MAX. With so many options to choose from like folding windshields, half windshields, vented and sliding windshields and dust nets, you’re sure to find a windshield to fit your riding needs and the look of your UTV. Get windshields for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.