Cab Enclosures

Keep the inside of your side-by-side dry, warm, and dust free with a Can-Am Maverick Trail cab enclosure, a Can-Am Maverick Sport cab enclosure, or a Can-Am Maverick X3 Max cab enclosure from Everything Can-Am Offroad! Be it a full Can-Am Maverick X3 cab enclosure, a Can-Am Maverick X3 hard cab enclosure, or a Can-Am Maverick X3 soft cab enclosure, find the cab enclosure kit you’ve been dreaming of by shopping at Everything Can-Am Offroad now!


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Are you left with a layer of dust and dirt on your skin after you come home from a long day of riding with your Can-Am Maverick X3? Does your Can-Am Maverick’s cab seem to accumulate mud, dirt, and off-road debris faster than you can clean it? If so, you need to look into upgrading your ride with a UTV cab enclosure. A cab enclosure is an easy way to protect your Can-Am Maverick X3 from the outdoor elements and keep them from reaching you and your passengers. If you’re tired of wasting precious time scrubbing and vacuuming out the inside of your Can-Am Maverick X3, a cab enclosure is what you need. We offer a wide supply of UTV cab enclosures including cab enclosure doors, hard cab enclosures, soft cab enclosures, and cab insulation kits.

There’s no better way to keep dust, water, and cold air out of your UTV’s cab than a Can-Am Maverick X3 cab enclosure. Some riders prefer Can-Am Maverick X3 hard cab enclosures, while others prefer enclosures that incorporate soft material that can be quickly and easily zipped or unzipped for multi-season riding. UTV windows play an especially large role in the enclosing cab system, and like the UTV cab enclosure itself, the windows can be either soft or hard. The factory Can-Am Maverick X3 soft cab, for instance, is popular because it comes off with only a few bolts, which makes convertible summer riding a breeze. And if you want a combination of both hard- and soft-style UTV cab enclosures, you can get soft upper doors with hard plastic or metal everywhere else. If you’re freezing your butt off in winter or getting blasted with sand at the local dunes, a Can-am Maverick X3 cab enclosure is the solution to your problems.

Aside from the stock Can-Am Maverick X3 cab enclosures, many aftermarket UTV parts suppliers also make great cab enclosures for the Can-Am Maverick X3. Over Armour, for example, has been in the UTV parts business for years, and the cab enclosures they make for the Can-Am Maverick reflect this. Their soft-style Can-Am Maverick X3 cab enclosure uses a marine-grade, polyester canvas material for the roof, tinted “Aqua-View” Vinyl for the side windows, polycarbonate for the vented windshield, and full-length roll-away doors for easy installation and removal. The only caveat with this and similar Can-Am Maverick X3 cab enclosure systems is that visibility can get obstructed with excessive mud splatter. But as they say, you have to pay to play. So if you’re tired of getting wet when it rains, getting muddy when you splash through a puddle, or getting frozen when the temperature drops, a Can-Am Maverick X3 cab enclosure from Everything Can-Am Offroad is exactly what you need!

Do you live in a cold climate? If you’ve ever taken your Can-Am Maverick X3 out on a cold and snowy day, you know just how uncomfortable it can be to have the biting wind blowing through your cab. Insulated UTV cab enclosures are designed to remedy these types of situations. Trust us, having an insulated cab enclosure for your Can-Am Maverick X3 makes a huge difference come wintertime. Even if you don’t live up north, having a full cab can still come in handy on those rainy days. The insulation works both ways as well, so having an insulated cab enclosure can keep you and your Can-Am Maverick X3 cool on those exceptionally hot days when you want to crank up the air conditioner to avoid melting.

Whatever your reason, a full cab enclosure is one of those investments for your machine that will pay off in many different ways. If you aren’t looking for a full cab enclosure for your Can-Am Maverick X3, you can still get a UTV aftermarket cab enclosure that allows you to have the rear closed in, a roof included, or a windshield without doors, this is also an option. Whatever it is you’re looking to do for your Can-Am Maverick, we have the right fit here waiting for you. They are all made by industry-leading brands and all are made to a standard that will blow your mind once you experience your outdoor living with one of these cab enclosures on your machine. They are available for whatever model of Can-Am Maverick you own including the Can- Am Maverick MAX, Can-Am Maverick Sport, Can-Am Maverick Trail, Can-Am Maverick X3, and the Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX.                     

Cab enclosures can help to protect you from full exposure to the elements and elevate your riding experience. You and your Can-Am Maverick’s passengers can revel in the shade of your ride while feeling more comfortable than ever before. At Everything Can-Am Offroad, there are so many options to choose from like full cab enclosures that give total protection with a roof, windows and doors, and a windshield or partial enclosures that feature rear windows, doors, etc. You can get Slide-N-Ride Doors and Rear Windows for your Can-Am Maverick X3, a Full Cab Enclosure with Aero-Vent Windshield for your Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX or a Poly Roof with Windshield and Black Cab Combo for your Can-Am Maverick X3. We also have cab enclosures available for your Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX, your Can-Am Maverick SPORT, and your Can-Am Maverick TRAIL. Keep the elements out of your Can-Am Maverick X3 by getting a cab enclosure for your UTV from Everything Can-Am Offroad today!