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Snow Plows

Thinking about using your Can-am Maverick to plow snow during the wintertime? Looking for the best Can-am Maverick snow plow to get the job done quickly and efficiently? Well look no further, because here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got all the best Can-Am Maverick Snow Plow Kits, Can-Am Maverick Snow Plow Mounts, and other Can-Am Maverick Snow Plow Attachments that enable you to power through the biggest and baddest snow drifts. We have some great deals on Denali snow plows, with their 72” blade being one of our best selling Can-Am Maverick V Plow blades. No matter how heavy ow wet the snow is in your area, this Can-Am Maverick plow system is sure to handle it! Another UTV snow plow that works great on the Maverick is the Alpine Flex Plow. It’s easy to put on and take off, and because it uses a light plastic blade, you won’t experience any issues with the transmission because of the added weight in the front.

When choosing a snow plow for your Can-Am Maverick, make sure that you have the right mounting plate. Further, most UTV snow plows use a winch to raise and lower the blade, so if you’re in that deep powder, make sure your winch is up to the task. In addition to their 72” blade, Moto Alliance (makers of the Denali plow) also manufacture 66” wide blades for those who want something a little narrower. Some winches have automatic swivels, while others have powered swivels — it all depends on your budget. And when it comes to stacking, the plows here at Everything Can-Am Offroad can push a good amount of snow — just plow up and over, no problem. Already have a plow but it’s not made specifically for the Can-Am Maverick? No problem there as well. We’ve got the brackets and plow mounting systems you’ll need to install any kind of plow on your UTV — from ATV plows to pickup plows. ATV plows are normally smaller than UTV plows, and ATV ones normally are mid mount plows, where Can-am has a front mount that hooks right behind the a-arms, making it nice to hook up and unhook. Just make sure that your plow and mount aren’t too skinny, otherwise you might have to do some DIY fabrications. Be it V-plows or straight blades, plastic plows or metal plows, if you want the best snow plow for Can-Am Maverick, you’ve come to the right place!

20 products

20 products

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