Everything Can-Am Offroad offers the best Can-Am Commander MAX roof, Can-Am Commander sport roof, or Can-Am Commander stereo roof at affordable prices. Whether you want a metal Can-Am Commander aluminum roof for your 800r or a Can-Am Commander speaker roof for your 1000cc unit, you will find superior Can-Am Commander roofs for sale that outperform anything else on the market today. Don't overpay for a roof that does not meet your requirements. Everything Can-Am Offroad has a wide range of options to choose from so you can receive exactly what you need. You can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality product without breaking the bank. Choose Everything Can-Am Offroad today for all your Can-Am Commander roofing needs.

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At Everything Can-Am Offroad you will find a wide array of UTV aftermarket accessories and one of those accessories is an entire catalog of roofs. You can get soft top roofs, hard tops roofs, roofs made out of poly that are tinted against the glare, roofs that come with windshields built in and many other variations so that when you decide to add a roof to your Can-Am Commander you have all your options in one place and can make a sound decision on what type of roof is best suited to your Side by Side. Don’t let a little snowfall, rainfall or sleet keep you indoors when your Can-Am Commander is built to handle all types of weather.

Many riders have good things to say about the Can-Am Commander plastic sport roof. It comes off easily so it’s a snap to clean, and you can take it off when trailering if you haul your rig on the highway. If you go with this Can-Am Commander top you might want to swap in stainless steel hose clamps where the Velcro straps go. No matter how tight you pull those straps and how well you adjust the rear mounts it is nearly impossible to keep the roof from rattling up front if you ride choppy trails. They type of Can-Am Commander roof you choose also depends on the accessories you want. For many Commander owners, the factory Can-Am roof provided a gap above the front bar on the roll cage that was large enough to allow for sound bar brackets. The Can-Am Commander metal roof would’ve been too tight against the roll bar to use the sound bar. It helps to envision your build and choose the right roof for your needs after that. If you know you’re going to want tunes anyway and have the funds, go ahead and do an Audioformz or Mayhem manufacturing roof with the built-in stereo. If you’re looking for a Can-Am Commander hard top roof that easy to install, the Can-Am Binimi is the way to go.It will protect you from the majority of the rain, and once the weather clears, simply release 4 tabs and it rolls up to it’s solid visor for open air riding. The visor sits up off the crossbar so speakers and mirror mounts fit nicely. We wouldn’t recommend mounting lights to the visor, but the Can-Am OEM 52” light bar bracket can be used.

Trust and believe that the roof that you choose here at Everything Can-Am Offroad is made from, in many cases, marine grade materials and by brands that you can depend on to deliver only the best that the UTV aftermarket industry has come to depend on. In addition to the previously mentioned brands, we also work closely with the UTV branches of Moose, Extreme Metal Products, GCL UTV, Over Armor Offroad, Kolpin Powersports and Classic Accessories. These brands have years of experience under their belts and are trusted by riders worldwide. Block the brutal rays of the sun, give yourself cover from rain, and keep the toasty air in your cab during the winter with a Can-Am Commander roof from Everything Can-Am Offroad!

There are so many options when it comes to the roof of your ride. These options include soft and hard tops, roofs with extra cargo space, roofs that come customized with a vinyl print of your choice. All of these options share one thing in common they are there to protect you and that is exactly what they do. The roofs that we carry are made out of the toughest materials and are brought to you by the best brands in the UTV aftermarket industry. Who are these brands you ask? EMP, Bad Dawg, GCL UTV, Dragonfire, Mammoth Skins, UTV Inc, Moose, Over Armor Offroad, SuperATV, TurnKey UTV, UTV Mountain, Motoroof, Kolpin, Green Mountain, Rival Powersports, and ProArmor. They are all brands that you can trust to provide you with the best UTV aftermarket roof options. These brands are here because of the quality of the parts that they provide which cannot be called into question because of their consistent delivery of high quality parts. When it comes to the roof that you need for your Can-Am Commander or Can-Am Commander Max, find the right fit for your UTV from one of these brands and you will not be disappointed.

Adding a roof is a surefire way to improve the comfort of your ride. You and your passengers can drive for hours on end without being burnt to a crisp in the sun or completely drenched in the rain. The safety of a roof is especially important in protecting the riders from the unknown dangers on the trail. The roof systems we carry are water repellant, puncture, tear and mildew resistant and provide protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. We have many different roofs to choose from. You can get a Cooter Brown Top Roof with Stereo Pod for your Can-Am Commander or an Aluminum Diamond Plate Top for your Can-Am Commander MAX. We also have many other hard and soft roofs to choose from that offer varying levels of sturdiness and protection in a plethora of colors and styles. An especially unique one is the Tinted Roof that allows light to enter the cab and maintains visibility while still protecting the rider from the sun. Get a roof for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.