Cab Enclosures

Eliminate annoying cab noise and protect yourself from harsh weather conditions with a soft, hard, or hybrid cab enclosure for your Can-Am Defender from Everything Can-Am Offroad. Whether you need a full cab enclosure or a partial kit, we have you covered with a custom-fit option for your Defender MAX, Defender Pro, or Defender HD10. Choose from lower and upper doors or go for a partial enclosure for a personalized fit. At Everything Can-Am Offroad, we make your shopping experience a breeze by offering everything you need for your rig in one convenient spot. Say goodbye to noisy cabs and get the protection you need with a Can-Am Defender cab enclosure from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

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Whether you’re looking for a full Can-Am Defender hard cab enclosure with power windows, or a soft cab enclosure for your Can-Am Defender MAX by a company like Armor Tech or Moose, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got the right Can-Am Defender cab enclosures for any situation. Stay nice and toasty when plowing during those brutal winter months, and dry as a bone when it’s raining cats and dogs outside. With a Can-Am Defender cab enclosure kit enveloping your side-by-side, you can keep the elements at bay and defy Mother Nature no matter how aggressive she gets. Be it a Can-Am Defender soft cab or a Can-Am Defender hard cab, we offer the best Can-Am Defender cab systems around from reputable brands that you already know and trust. SuperATV, for instance, makes a fantastic full door and front/rear windshield enclosure combo that is hard to beat, and the same goes for Armor Tech. Unlike other brands -- which are known to get caught by the wind at the top when trailering, bent out at the doors, and frayed at the zippers -- the Can-Am Defender cab enclosure we offer can withstand the toughest of weather conditions, and can be trailered at interstate speeds without a second thought or moment of hesitation!

Not all riders have a need for Can-Am Defender full cab enclosures, and if you’re among them, a Can-Am Defender partial cab enclosure could be right for you. Similarly, while Can-Am Defender hard cab enclosures might prove to be the best option for ice fishers, snow plowers, and winter riders with tracks installed, those who ride during the summer might be fine with a Can-Am Defender soft cab enclosure that incorporates removable upper doors or zip-open windows. Where dust is concerned, Can-Am Defender enclosed cabs are a great way to seal off the inside of your rig. But even without a full-blown enclosure kit, in-cab dust can be reduced with a half front windshield and a rear windscreen. Consequently, it pays to understand your environment before popping on a Can-Am Defender cab enclosure, a Can-Am Defender MAX cab enclosure, or a Can-Am Defender HD10 cab enclosure; and if you’re unsure about anything, feel free to give us a holler at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

For unmatched visibility and natural light, one of the best Can-Am Defender cab enclosure options out there is the polycarbonate enclosure system by DFK Cab. By using windscreens and windshields that are tempered as well as doors constructed out of scratch-resistant polycarbonate, the DFK hard cab offers an open-air feel without increasing your risk of injury. And because this Can-Am Defender hard cabin enclosure includes lockable doors, you won’t have to worry about thieves absconding with your supplies, electronics, or other in-cab accessories. While the DFK hard Can-Am Defender cab is far from cheap, it’ll more than pay for itself in the long run due to its strength, durability, and anti-theft abilities!

Aside from the DFK hard cab for the Can-Am Defender, companies like Over Armour Offroad and GCL UTV are well-renowned for their soft Can-Am Defender cab enclosures that are both rugged and affordable. You’ll never find a soft cab enclosure that’s as sturdy as a hard cab enclosure, but by making their polyester, canvas, and vinyl soft cab components taut and rigid, the aforementioned firms are able to deliver reinforced Can-Am Defender cab enclosures that can endure gale-force winds, hale the size of golf balls, and the gnarliest of dust devils / whirlwinds that one could encounter in North America, Australia, or Europe. Whether you’re after a Can-Am Defender cab enclosure, a Can-Am Defender hybrid cab enclosure, or just a set of Can-Am Defender full cab enclosure doors, we can hook you up with anything your heart desires here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Regarding the XMR edition of the Can-Am Defender, most cab enclosure kits will work -- but you might need a SuperATV rear window. Alternatively, you could also just drill out the rivets in the factory snorkels and install a different brand of back window, then self-tap the snorkels back to the firewall when you’re done. Be it to keep the chill out on the job site or to provide you and your passengers shelter from the rain when trail riding, we’ve got both soft and hard cab enclosures for every Defender model at a range of price points that anyone can afford! So don’t delay and pick one up for your rig ASAP!

With other UTV cab enclosure systems, once you get a bit of mud on them, they tend to break if you don’t get the dirt out of zipper track. The doors of inferior cab systems also get weighed down with mud, causing them to not line back up again when trying to shut them. This is why it’s important to gage your accessory purchasing decisions based on value, not price. Sure you can find cheap Chinese-made cab enclosures that can work on your Can-am Defender… but for how long. We’d suggest getting quality from the onset, with solid enclosure systems that seal properly, don’t fog up, and never wear down over time. So if you’re fed up with the cold or getting dust blown in your face, it’s probably time to upgrade to a Can-am Defender cab enclosure from Everything Can-Am Offroad!

The best of all the types of cab enclosures that you can think of for your UTV all decided to come live at Everything Can-Am Offroad. That’s because with us the best is what you are sure to get and knowing that, they wanted to be a part too. We know that you know this and that this is why you have come to us in your time of need. The UTV aftermarket cab enclosures that we carry are among the best made that we have seen and that says a lot since we see everything! Choose from the best cab enclosures to enjoy the added protection from the elements and from stones, sticks and other projectiles that fellow riders ahead on the trail may kick up and at you as you race along. These cab enclosures are made by some of the most amazing brands in the industry who have been consistently delivering on quality parts for years now. Enjoy that security and find the cab enclosure that not only fits your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender MAX seamlessly but that also matches your wallet. Charge into your next thrill-seeking escapade with confidence, comfort, and class with one of the enclosures that you see here responsible for your new lease on offroad life.

Protection from the sun, rain and the elements helps to make your riding experience better. Cab enclosures add a feeling of ease and help you and your passengers feel more comfortable when you ride. You can get a full enclosure that gives you a windshield, a roof, windows, and doors or opt for a partial enclosure that includes main and rear windows, doors and any other part you may choose. At Everything Can-Am Offroad, the possibilities are endless. We supply Full Cab Enclosures with Aero-Vent Windshields for your Can-Am Defender and 3 Star Full Cab Enclosures with Lexan Windshields for your Can-Am Defender MAX. You can control the ventilation with zippered windows and even vented windshields in an enclosure that is tough and built to last. Available in many different colors and styles, your UTV will be customized to suit your aesthetic. Get cab enclosures for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.