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Lighting and Electrical

Whether you’re looking for brighter replacement bulbs for your Can-am Defender or other UTV lighting systems / light accessories, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got the latest and greatest Can-am Defender lights. Looking for rock lights by companies like Infinite or Rough Country? We’ve got em. Is it a Can-am Defender Light bar that you’re after? We’ve got those too. When it comes to Can-am lighting, we do it all, from light pods and whips to RGB strips. So if you want your rig to be flamboyantly flashy like a float in a parade, or you just want better illumination for night driving or those early mornings, you’ve come to the right place. Unfortunately, however, for all you Teryx owners, not a single side-by-side lighting company in existence offers a light system to make your rig look cool. If you’re a hog hunter, you might want to consider Kaper’s 7.87" 2700 Lumen 12 Diode Entry Level 36w Green LED Spot Light. Because hogs are color blind to the green spectrum, these types of lights are the perfect way to not spook them when you’re creeping around at night. You can sit on the edge of a field and watch for movement in the moonlight, then flip on a green spotlight to shoot. Having the hog lights on the Defender will let you keep the field lit most of the night. Install two 36 watt LEDs and you’ll have enough light to shoot out to almost 100 yards.

For the Can-am Defender owners wanting an easy upgrade from stock lights, Royal T offers plug-and-play LEDs bulb sets that take less than ten minutes to install. But for many riders, even aftermarket LED bulbs aren’t sufficient. If you’re in the camp, a Can-am Defender light bar is probably on your to-do list. UTV light bars like those by Millar, Aaron Amdor Offroad, Hays Fab, or Mud Digger Motorsports will provide more than enough light for whatever you need, be it twilight plowing or late night work sessions. And with the right Can-am Defender light bar mounts, you can stick your lights where you want, the roof, the bumper, even the bed if you so choose. And if you’re worried about having to upgrade your Can-am Defender’s electrical system, don’t be. We’ve seen rigs with roof lights, speakers, amps, rock lights, and 4 light bars all on at the same time without a problem. So if your looking for predator lights, light bulbs, or even electrical components like rocker switches and wiring harnesses to power you lights, at Everything Can-Am Offroad, our selection of Can-Am lighting is absolutely lit.

1 - 36 of 56 products

1 - 36 of 56 products

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