At Everything Can-Am Offroad, we offer various winching options to help you recover your Can-Am Defender from the toughest of situations. We carry Can-Am Defender rear winches, front winches, and cargo winches, as well as Warn winches for the Can-Am Defender and Can-Am Defender game winches. For added convenience, we also offer Can-Am Defender headache racks with winches. Our winches are of high quality and are priced competitively. You won't find a better deal on Can-Am Defender winches anywhere else. Don't let difficult terrain hinder your ride, get a winch from Everything Can-Am Offroad and explore with confidence.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a lightweight Can-Am Defender 2,500 lb winch, a heavy-duty Can-Am Defender 4,500 lb winch, or something in the middle like the Can-Am Defender 3,500 lb winch, when it comes to UTV winches and aftermarket winch accessories, we here at Everything Can-Am Offroad have it all! For those on a shoestring budget who are seeking the cheapest winch options imaginable, we’d suggest framing your winch-buying decisions based on the long-term horizon, focusing less on short-term money savings and more on long-term value. Sure you can get cheap 5,000 lb UTV winches from places like Amazon and Harbor Freight, but when you price-in the cost of a Can-Am Defender winch mount — if you don’t have a winch-compatible bumper — and other factors such as stress and labor, the total value of a cheap winch made with slave labor in China might be on par with that of a more expensive option made by skilled craftsmen in America. Add to this the durability, longevity, and actual performance / pulling power of a higher quality winch and the juxtaposition is clear, running a better winch that costs a bit more is actually cheaper than a less expensive winch over the long haul.

That being said, however, you don’t have to sell your gold tooth filling to afford a decent Can-Am Defender winch setup when you shop at Everything Can-Am Offroad. With Can-Am Defender front winches, Can-Am Defender rear winches, and complete Can-Am Defender winch kits from companies like SuperATV, KFI, Warn, and MotoAlliance, we’re sure to have an appropriate option that’ll meet both your off-road needs as well as your budget. In some cases, a 2K Lb Can-Am Defender winch coupled with a snatch block will be more than sufficient. In other cases, however, you might find yourself needing a higher-powered 6,000+ Lb Can-Am Defender winch to get the job done. But regardless of whether you want an in-bed winch to hoist game into your vehicle’s cargo tray after a successful hunt, or a hitch-mounted winch that you can bring when you need it, and leave behind when you don’t, we’ve got all kinds of winches for the Can-Am Defender at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

If you’re wanting a front Can-Am Defender winch to operate your snow plow, we can help with that. Or if you really only need a winch when you’re stuck in door-high mud, our rear Can-Am Defender winches are perfect for any recovery endeavor. With heavier vehicles like the Can-Am Defender Max, a winch that’s a little more stout may be required. Furthermore, the angle and length of your winch line will also play an outsized role in the power and performance of your Can-Am Defender winch. Many winch units pull better with a straight line as opposed to a line that enters the fairlead at a sharp angle. Plus, your Can-Am Defender winch will also produce more power when the winch line is fully extended, so using winch line extenders or longer winch lines can often offset the need for a larger replacement Can-Am Defender winch.

Although the Defender is built to handle added weight, you might not want a huge winch if the application doesn’t call for it. For long weekend rides or quick trips around your property, a small winch with a snatch block / towing pulley can easily extract your rig when it’s irreparably stuck. Moreover, if you get a Can-Am Defender winch that’s too powerful, it might just bend your bumper, the frame of your Defender, or the winch bracket holding it in place. Additionally, you might also want a multi-functional winch that you can use not only on your UTV, but also your truck, tractor, and other vehicles. Whatever your particular situation entails, we’ve got the right Can-Am Defender winches and winch products for you at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

While you might only need the winch itself, many riders find that complete Can-Am Defender winch kits and full-blown winch packages for the Can-Am Defender are easier and more economical. Off-road winch kits from firms like KFI, Moose, and QuadBoss include things like wireless remote controls, on-dash rocker switches, and replacement solenoids in case you fry the existing one through improper winching techniques. From Can-Am Defender wire winches to Can-Am Defender synthetic winch kits, you know where to turn for the best Can-Am winches on the market: Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Among the many great Can-am Defender winches such as the 4,500 lb Terra Superwinch and the powerful winch lineup offered by the UTV firm Badlands, Viper winches are up there when it comes to quality Can-am Defender winches. Be it their Elite winch or their Midnight series winches, Viper has been in the winch game since 2004, with an average warranty rate of less than 3% — two percentage points below the industry average. Their Viper Elite series of winches are IP67 rated with military grade raw materials, use US-made Amsteel-Blue rope, and come with a wireless remote for easy usage. But Viper isn’t the only UTV company that makes a badass winch. Side-by-side parts manufacturers like KFI and SuperATV are also vying for that top position in the hearts and minds of consumers. Whatever winch you choose, however, be sure to wire it correctly. Many riders wire the Can-am Defender winches to the bus bar under the dash. However the bus bar is typically for accessories and low-amp relays, not a winch. You should really tie your winch into the factory BRP wiring harness that goes directly to the UTV’s battery. There’s a power block under the dash with a switchable hot, batter hot, and batter ground where many Can-am owners like to mount the winch relay — on the side of the front box next to the passenger light so it’s not under the hood. So what are you waiting for, get yourself a strong and reliable UTV winch from Everything Can-Am Offroad and you’ll never be stuck… for long… again!

There are many different winch options out there for your UTV. Viper, Moose, Aprove UTV and SuperATV are the brands that we carry. They are the brands that we stand behind. They are the brands that we know deliver on quality and therefore when it comes to adding a winch to your Can-Am Defender you really should look at one of these for this particular UTV aftermarket add-on. The winch that you choose will pull you out of some of the stickiest situations; some that you have yet to imagine finding yourself in. That same winch will also help you get up or down the side of that hill that you have been itching to try. If these are not reasons to add a winch to your UTV then maybe you need to have a winch for work purposes. Whatever the reason, the winch that you choose for your Can-Am Defender Can-Am Defender Max should be up to the task when the time comes for it to perform. Invest in quality and you will not regret the day that you decided to choose one of the best winches that were offered to you right there at Everything Can-Am Offroad.

Add accessories that give your UTV the ultimate utilitarian upgrade like heavy-duty winches. These must-have accessories are great for many different types of riders. For farmers, the can connect most of their farming implements to a winch and get the job done quicker. This is also the case for riders that use their machine to hunt, fish of plow their snow. The best winches on the market are all available at Everything Can-Am Offroad. You can get a ¼ Inch Synthetic Cable or Steel Cable 3000 lb. Winch for your Can-Am Defender or a Dual-Speed 12000 lb. Truck Winch for your Can-Am Defender MAX. They are available in many different weight capacities so whether you just need to pull a small item now and then or pulling is all that you do while working, the perfect winch is waiting for you. Get winches for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.