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Protect your machine, keep yourself shaded from the sun, and block the heaviest of rain drops or hail with a proper Can-Am Maverick roof from Everything Can-Am Offroad. If something simple is what you’re after, EMP’s Can-am Maverick top is nice fitting and low profile. Riders have reached out and told us stories of their EMP roofs holding up to their drunk friends dancing on top… without a dent, scratch, or any other sign of damage. You can add speakers, do a custom paint job, or even wrap your roof in chrome — the possibilities are endless! Side by Side companies like Ryfab, AFX, and Mayhem also specialize in Can-am roofs. But among all the Can-am Maverick hard top roofs, few stand out as much as the Audioformz Roof, which comes with a built-in stereo system to keep the party going all night long. Turnkey UTV also make great UTV roofs, and the OEM Can-am aluminum roof is not bad either. Attach an amp to your roof or add a safari rack, be it hardened plastic or a Can-am Maverick metal roof, we’ve got the right UTV roofs for every application.

Although it is possible to fab up a Can-am Maverick roof with 4’x4’ 1/8 inch sheet of Diamond plate, you’ll have to go to a metal shop to make the four small bends required to make the brow come down. Alternatively, we’ve seen guys and gals on the trail who took a jigsaw and cut the bottom out of a plastic bed liner to put it on the roof. They trim it to fit and then use wire ties to hold it on. Sure these do-it-yourself UTV roof solutions are cheaper in the short term, unless you’re confident in your abilities, an aftermarket Can-am Maverick roof is probably your best bet. Plus, if you factor in opportunity costs, it might not be worth the time you have to put into it. And even if you’re a master fabricator with decades of experience, you’ll still be far behind the teams of engineers and builders who have dedicated years of research, development, and testing to make the best Can-am Maverick roofs imaginable. So if you want a UTV roof optimized with water channels to funnel rain away from the cab, a lock-n-ride convertible Can-am roof that is a cinch to install and disassemble, or a Maverick roof with built-in audio gear, look no further than the UTV roofs here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

30 products

30 products

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