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The best Can-am Defender windshield will differ from person to person. Obviously, someone who uses their UTV to plow in cold climates would want a different windshield than someone running desert dunes. And someone riding dusty back roads would want something different than a mud bogger. Budget is also a factor one must contemplate before popping on a Can-am Defender windshield; should you go cheap and live with the scratches, or splurge on an expensive windshield that will last the tests of time? Whether you’re wanting a half-sized Can-am Defender glass windshield for your 2018 HD8 XT or a full Can-am Defender front windshield for your Lonestar edition Can-am, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we offer a wide variety of UTV windshields and have something for everyone. Can-am Defender vented windshields are popular, with UTV companies like Spike Powersports leading the charge. Spike’s vented UTV windshields are great for all weather conditions, and they can be trailered at highway speeds without any issue. If you live in an area that is particularly rainy, however, the vented windshield option may not be the best for you, as the vents are not typically sealed or waterproof — instead operated with a bolt and nob that you loosen/tighten to slide the vent holes closed. Although not a big problem with slight rain, you will see a small amount of water infiltrating the vents, which can compound in excessively rainy areas. For UTV riders who live in moist, humid, and wet areas, a full glass windshield with Can-am Defender windshield wipers — either manual or automatic — is suggested.


26 products

26 products

In warmer areas, half windshields are commonly used to moderate in-cab heat. With a full windshield and no Can-am Defender rear windshield, if you have no windows — or open the windows — in dusty areas, the vortex shedding patterns of the surrounding air will pull dust into your cab. With a half windshield, however, theses vortexes don’t form, and dust doesn’t shoot into your face when you’re riding. Running a Can-am Defender rear window can also help reduce dust in the cab. Companies like SATV and Koplin make some good hard-coated windshields and half windshields for both the front and back of the Can-am Defender. But to get the best of both worlds, a good number of riders have been opting for flip out windshields and Can-am Defender folding windshields. When closed, these Can-am Defender fold down windshields and flip out windshields are 99% sealed, and an keep the heat in or the dust out. If it gets hot out, you can open them up for a good breeze without the awkward wind in the face that other types of Can-am windshields give. If glass is out of your price range, tilt out Lexan windshields are an option that many riders love. Alternatively, you could also get the cheaper non-flip glass windshield and convert it to a flip out windshield with minimum effort. Although Can-am will not sell the flip out hardware separate, you can find the handles, ball studs, and shocks to convert the non-flip windshield into the flipping windshield at significantly less cost than the OEM flip out windshield. Just get 10mm 5/16 x 18 ball studs, shocks (part number C16-08316), and the handle anchor / windshield handle assembly (part numbers 705800008 and 705800085, respectively). Whatever your UTV windshield needs may be, we here at Everything Can-Am Offroad are here to fulfill them!

Protecting your face and body from the sun, wind and potentially, dangerous flying projectiles while on the trail is now possible. You and your passengers can ride more comfortably through pouring rain, extreme snowfall and the UVA/UVB rays of the blazing sun with a protective layer that improves visibility and clarity. A windshield from Everything Can-Am Offroad is the way to go. You can get a Full Front Windshield with a Top and Back Combo for your 2020 Can-Am Defender or a UV-Resistant or Scratch Resistant Poly Versa Fold Windshield for your 2020 Can-Am Defender MAX. You can also get all the accessories you may need like a Replacement Metal Clamp or Knob Assembly for Pro-Fit Spike Windshields or a Manually Operated 13 Inch Blade Windshield Wiper. We have so many different options to choose from like vented, sliding, half and folding windshields. Get windshields and other windshield related accessories for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

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