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Winch Accessories

Whether you’re looking for recovery gear to pull you out of a muddy quagmire or some Can-Am Maverick winch accessories to aid you on those hard working days, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got the best UTV winch gear to handle any task. For attaching a winch onto your machine, we have Can-Am Maverick winch mounts that are comparable with virtually any winch and any Side by Side. Be it a Can-Am Maverick winch plate to fasten a UTV winch to your bumper, or a Can-Am Maverick winch bracket to affix it right to your machine’s frame, our selection of winch accessories is second to none. But we don’t stop there. With items like recovery dampers, snatch block pulleys, and a variety of shackles in all sizes and weight ratings, you’ll be getting stuck intentionally just so you can use your new winch and winch-related tools. Let us not forget about safety. With things like goggles and leather gloves to protect your eyes and hands when winching, you’ll stay injury free should a winch line brake or splinter. And speaking of winch lines, we’ve got aftermarket replacement winch lines in both cable and synthetic rope varieties so you can operate your winch in confidence knowing that it won’t snap back, recoil, or cause any damage to you or your Maverick.

If you’re stuck in a snow drift, mired in the mud, or trapped in some quicksand, without the right UTV winch accessories, even the most powerful of winches will be rendered ineffective. For those times when you need some extra length, we’ve got 5,000kg 20m snatch straps to extend the reach of your winch. For those other times when you’re putting your winch to the test, we’ve got 12,000kg 3m snatch straps that will hold far more weight than the strongest of UTV winches are capable of hoisting. No matter if you’re pulling tree stumps or helping your friend with a Polaris get unstuck, at Everything Can-Am Offroad, our selection of winch accessories for the Can-am Maverick will make you unstoppable on the trail!

22 products

22 products

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