Stay warm during the chilly winter months with Everything Can-Am Offroad's range of Can-Am Defender heater parts and kits. Our collection includes everything from individual Can-Am Defender heated seats and steering wheels to complete cab heaters with multiple vents and windshield defrosters, ensuring that your entire cabin stays warm. Whether you're looking for localized warmth or all-around coverage, we've got you covered. You don't have to let the cold weather hold you back from your off-road adventures! Everything Can-Am Offroad has exactly what you need to stay comfortable, no matter how low the temperatures drop. Choose our high-quality Can-Am Defender heater parts and kits to keep your vehicle cozy during the colder months.

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One aftermarket Can-am Defender heater kit option is the ICE Crusher UTV heater. It a bit hard to install — with the core going up behind the cubby on the left side of steering wheel — but once it’s in it cranks out the heat. You can’t really compare it to a car or truck, but it blows enough hot air to feel in the cab. When installing this Can-am Defender heater kit, be sure you take the one nipple out of the core inlet, and also throw away the heater hoses that come with the kit and buy a better, stiffer quality hose as it is nearly impossible not to kink them in the guard above the floor plate. You also need to make sure you have no air bubbles in the system. If you’ve done everything right with the install — or had a professional mechanic do it for you — it will move more than enough air to keep you warm and will definitely help keep your side-by-side’s windows and windshields defrosted.

Another aftermarket Can-am Defender heater option is the Stratos UTV heater. This aftermarket heater comes with two large blower fans that have a total of 600 CFM output and works wonders with or without a cab enclosure. Be it the Stratos, the ICE Crusher, or the OEM heater, running a Maxstat will help on those extra chilly days. If you’re experiencing issues with your UTV heating unit with a Maxstat, make sure the heater inlet hose is connected in the engine compartment after the joiner Y adapter from the cylinder heads — that would be before the original thermostat. Also, check that your outlet hose is connected to the 1″ radiator hose on the passenger side of the firewall riser tower. That is the hose that comes from the bottom radiator outlet and goes directly to the engine water pump. If somehow your outlet hose ended up being connected to the top radiator inlet connection, your results from adding a Maxstat to your Can-am heater would be marginal for sure. Other than that, unless you have some restriction in the core reducing the flow, you should be golden!

If you look hard, you’ll always find places where air can leak in/out, regardless of the UTV brand. In the HD10XT there are two large air vents, one on each side under the trim panels in front of each door, that let in a huge amount of cold air. We’ve seen Can-am Defenders drill a small hole behind the front tire and about eight inches above where the straw from a spray foam can fit and fill them up.

The UTV aftermarket heaters that we carry are simple to mount onto your Can-Am Defender.  they are made out of the toughest materials and are dependable throughout winter.  Cheerfully head out to get your chores done look forward to the rest of the day in the snow. When you think of winter you think of freezing and Losing sensation in your fingertips however with the heaters that we have for the top of your Can-Am Defender,  you will be looking forward to taking your family or that special someone on a trip into the outdoors so that you can all explore the snow in all its glory. SuperATV, Moose Inferno Cab Heaters, and UNI Parts are the main suppliers of the UTV heaters that we carry.    These brands stand at the top of the market and are highly respected.  You can bank on them delivering on the very best of quality when it comes to the heaters that you want to have on your UTV.  Instead of dreading the days in the snow look forward to them in your Can-Am Defender and your Can-Am Defender MAX knowing that you have invested in one of the best heaters on the market.

Ride out in comfort in any season with heaters that give you back the use of your UTV in those cold winter months. Prevent frostbite for you and your passenger and don’t miss out on experiencing your favorite trails when they’re all white and covered in snow. Get cab heaters for your enclosed rig from Everything Can-Am Offroad. The heaters we supply feature adjustable fan and temperature speeds and fully adjustable vents to direct airflow. They also have a defrost feature that allows you to keep icy snow and blinding fog away from your windshield. You can get Cab Heaters from Moose and SuperATV for your Can-Am Defender and your Can-Am Defender MAX. The easy-to-install options that we supply can be hooked up in record time to get you back out on the trails. Ride out in warmth and comfort. Get heaters for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.