Roll Cages

At Everything Can-Am Offroad, we provide a range of Can-Am Defender roll cages, including extended and lowered options, to meet all of your UTV needs. Our Can-Am Defender back seat and roll cage kits are a great way to increase passenger capacity, while our Can-Am Defender roll cage clamps make it easy to mount everything from mirrors and sound bars to roofs and windshields securely onto your Can-Am Defender ROPS. We offer universal clamps that work with any Can-Am Defender roll cage size and all Can-Am Defender roll cage diameters. No matter what type of Can-Am Defender roll cage you're looking for, we have the products to meet your needs. Our team of experts is always available to help you find the right product to enhance your UTV experience. Shop with us today and enjoy high-quality Can-Am Defender roll cages at a great price!

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Safety for you and your passengers should always be top of mind when out riding in your Can-Am Defender. The potential for off-road accidents should be planned for and not taken likely. Part of that is making sure your Can-Am Defender is equipped with the strongest and most reliable protection for you, your passengers, and even your cargo. One of the best options for accomplishing this goal is a Can-Am Defender roll cage. The quality of your Can-Am Defender’s roll cage determines the likelihood that you and your passengers emerge from a serious off-road accident unscathed.

If you are a serious off-road rider, it’s not so much a matter of if you’ll get into an accident but when. Upgrading your Can-Am Defender with a good aftermarket roll cage offers you the added level of protection that can make all the difference when an accident does finally happen out on the trail. You can find a wide variety of good strong roll cages for your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender MAX. The options that you see here are built for the most dangerous and chaotic scenarios that might occur while you are racing your Can-Am Defender along the trail. Our Can-Am Defender roll cages will stand up and perform if and when an accident occurs. Here at Everything Can-Am Offroad you will find only the best brands that the aftermarket UTV industry has to offer. The best brands mean that you will not have to worry about the quality and integrity of the Can-Am Defender roll cage that you choose for your machine. We also carry roll cages and all necessary add-ons and mounts for the Can-Am Defender MAX.

One of the scariest and most dangerous off-road accidents any UTV is prone to is rolling. Even the most experienced riders can make a split-second mistake that leads to rolling. Whether you end up rolling your Can-Am Defender on a hillside, on the side of a sand dune, or into a mud patch, having a good roll cage installed means the worst injuries you or your passengers will sustain may be a few bruises. Here you will find front roll cages and rear roll cages for your Can-Am Defender. You will also find roll cage options that include additional seating so that you can expand upon the seating capacity of your Can-Am Defender so you don’t have to leave anyone behind. These Can-Am Defender roll cages are literally built to absorb tens of thousands of pounds of force, protecting you and the passengers you’re responsible for from life-changing or even life-ending injuries.

The materials used to construct the Can-Am Defender roll cages we offer are some of the toughest in the UTV aftermarket industry. It’s understandable to feel intimidated at the thought of removing your Can-Am Defender’s stock roll cage and installing a new aftermarket roll cage all by yourself. However, when it comes time to install your Can-Am Defender’s new roll cage, you will quickly realize the manufactures of our roll cages like UTV Mountain make the process as simple as possible. One of our most popular products is the Can-Am Defender MAX Backseat and Roll Cage With Rear Soft Top by UTV Mountain. This roll cage offers crucial protection for the additional seating in the back of your Can-Am Defender MAX as well as a durable yet lightweight soft top that offers shaded protection from the sun and rain.

The benefits of a good roll cage for your Can-Am Defender are obvious. No one wants to sustain serious injury from an off-road accident, much less be held responsible for the injuries of their passengers. How does a roll cage keep you safe? Simply put, it prevents you and your passengers from being crushed should you flip your Can-Am Defender. It is built from durable materials made to take the crushing weight of your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender MAX instead of your body taking it. Here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, the safety of you and your passengers is our number one priority. Don’t take the chance and ride without one. Accidents happen, and they can happen to you as well. Put safety first and upgrade your Can-Am Defender with one of your roll cages today!

A UTV roll cage is by far one of the most important upgrades you will ever get for your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender MAX. Why? Because it is, and not trying to be overly dramatic, the difference between an accident and a medical emergency – or worse, death. We plan for everything when it comes to safety. And your safety is our top priority. All fun aside, we want to ensure that your ride is able to keep you safe in the event of an unfortunate roll over. Even if you use your Defender as a work vehicle, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, as you never know what might happen on the job site. And if your roll cage is squeaking, just pop the side panels off where the roll cage goes behind the seats and tighten the bolts; not life threatening, but definitely annoying to say the least. The panels are a pop type plastic rivet. To get them off simply take a flat-head screwdriver and slowly pop the center up, then pull the whole plastic rivet out.

Whether you’re looking for an aftermarket roll cage for the Can-Am Defender or a brand new Defender take off roll cage, we’ve got what you need to stay safe and sound out on the trail. Some riders like to chop their roll cages down, which is all nice and good, but requires a significant amount of work. Plus, you might have to install X3 seats if you want to drop your cage. Nevertheless, companies like S3 Power Sports make great roll cages for the Can-Am Defender, and they don’t require you to take your machine into their shop to do so. They just need the bungs off of your cage to make it happen. Don’t wait until after an accident to realize the importance of a quality roll cage. It’ll be far cheaper than a serious medical bill, and no amount of money on Earth can bring you back to life.