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Whether you haul your side-by-side in an unenclosed trailer or park it in the front or back yard when not in use, if you don’t use a Can-Am Maverick cover to protect your exposed machine from the elements, it will experience a more rapid ware rate. Sure a UTV roof, doors, and a full cab enclosure will help to protect the interior of your Maverick, but what is going to protect them? Most side-by-side roofs and exterior UTV accessories are made to withstand the punishing effects of both water and solar radiation. However, even the most fortified, sealed, and UV protected accessories will eventually succumb to Mother Nature, which is why running a Can-Am Maverick storage cover is so important. In addition to protecting your rig from the sun, wind, and rain, a UTV cover will also thwart pests and other vermin from turning your Can-am Maverick into quaint winter cottage. After all, the last thing you need is a rat family nesting up in the undercarriage of your 4x4, chewing through wires and wreaking all sorts of havoc.

No matter what Maverick model you have — be it a Maverick MAX, a Maverick X3, a Maverick Trail, or anything in between — our UTV trailering and storage covers are sure to fit. Come windy gusts or highway air speeds, if your machine is properly covered, the chances of things breaking, chipping, or scratching diminishes substantially. It pains us to see machines that cost five digits covered in a tarp and tie-down straps. To truly protect your machine, you need made-to-fit covers that won’t slip, rip, or trip. And we’re not just talking about storage covers and trailering covers for the Can-am Maverick. Seat covers are also available to extend the life of your stock or aftermarket UTV seats. So whatever type of cover you’re looking for, be it interior or exterior, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got you covered.

1 products

1 products

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