Lighting and Electrical

Everything Can-Am Offroad is the ultimate destination for all your Can-Am Commander lighting and electrical needs. From Can-Am Commander light bars to tail light bulb replacements, this website has it all. Whether you want to increase visibility during night riding or need to replace your broken or flickering lights, Everything Can-Am Offroad is the right place for you. This website offers a wide range of products including Can-Am Commander dome lights, accent lights, light whips, relays, brackets and switches. You can find both in-cab and exterior lighting solutions here. So, if you're looking for quality Can-Am Commander lighting products, visit Everything Can-Am Offroad.

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No one likes having a curfew, and no one likes having to fall in line by sunset, so if you are looking for light bars, flood lights or a plug and play system that will give you those added hours out on the trail, for your fishing trip or your beach party, then you have everything that you need to make that possible right here. 

You can get wiring harnesses, replacement bulbs, plug and play kits, straight light bars, curved lightbars, and multi-colored light bars for a touch of style and all the UTV aftermarket accessories necessary to make mounting a light onto your Can-Am Commander a breeze.

Light up your off-road life with the assistance of a UTV aftermarket accessory from Rigid, Extreme Metal Products, MotoRoof, NavAtlas, SSV Works, Spike PowerSports, Moose, Race Sport Lighting, SuperATV or ModQuad. These brands supply riders across the globe with the necessaries for their CanAm Commander and are known for delivering the highest quality parts on the UTV market. Besides you can trust them because at Everything Can-Am Offroad we only align ourselves with the best.

When it comes to Can-am Commander lights, lighting, and light accessories, an easy plug-and-play kit makes for shorter setup times and way less stress. Things like bulb replacements require no wiring, while accessories like light bars are a little more involved. On the other end of the spectrum, Can-am Commander light accessories like rear backup lights will probably require a bit of knowhow. For such an accessory you will have to get a momentary switch and put in on the shifter gate so the light comes on in reverse. A microswitch bolted or glued to on the bottom of the shifter panel on the frame can also work, and you can even use the two wires next to the rear taillight for your power source. If you need any Can-am Commander light bar wiring, Can-am Commander light bar mounts, or a fully-equipped lighting kit with everything included, at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got all the best UTV lights to bring visibility to your rides.

What are your options exactly? You have everything from 4” x 4” Pod Lights and Lazer Engraved Switches, Fuse Blocks and Illuminated Switches, and LED USB Charge Panel Rocker Switches to RGB Multi-Color LED Under Glow Light Kits, 32” Light Bars and 7 inch Penetrator Series Heavy Duty LED Spot Lights. You have over 300 products to peruse and some of which will inspire you beyond simply adding a light bar to your Can-Am Commander or Can-Am Commander MAX. Be the light of the party and stand out with any of the rainbow bars that we carry. The common ground that can be found with all of the electrical components that you find here is the high quality that they present. The length of the lifespan of some of these components might even outlive you or I. They are made to be offroad so they are weatherproof and are built tough. You will definitely be happy with whatever component you choose to go home with because the brands that they are made by are the UTV aftermarket parts industry standard. Choose one or more of them for your ride and enjoy the comfort of knowing that you have added yet another high-quality component to your Side by Side.

Lights that can illuminate the dark are a night rider’s best friend. Knowing that you can have full visibility even with reduced light helps to alleviate the feeling of unease and in turn, helps you feel more comfortable. Lighting also adds to the appearance and style of your machine. Just picture it, turning into the clearing of a trail and all that your riding buddies see are some menacing lights like the Angel Eyes LED Lights. Everything Can-Am Offroad has the perfect lighting and electrical components for you. You can get a Command Center with Fuse Block and Illuminated Switches for your Can-Am Commander or a ColorADAPT Series Adaptive RGB LED Interior Light Kit for your Can-Am Commander MAX. Customize your UTV further with LED options like an Under Glow Light Kit, a 30 Inch Combination Spot, and Flood Light Bar. Of course, you need to be able to control all of these lights with various stitches like Laser Engraved Switches, Winch Rocker Switches, and Off- Road Rocker Switches. We have much more! Get lighting and electrical accessories for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.