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Everything Can-Am Commander - Blog

  • The Best Cooler Setups For The Can-Am Maverick X3

    It doesn’t matter if you’re riding recreationally on a day trip at the dunes, or riding for work purposes around your farm, ranch, or homestead, chances are you’re going to want some cold storage in your Can-Am Maverick X3. You might be asking yourself: What is the best cooler setup out there to go with my Maverick X3? Most riders want cooler setups that leave room for other pieces of gear and equipment. But if you’re the kind of rider who overpacks regardless of where you’re going or what you’re doing, you still might manage to run out of space even with things like cooler racks, storage bags, and roof racks. Whether you’re after hunting-specific coolers for deer, elk, or pronghorn season, a dual-cooler setup for dry food storage and drinks to use on multi-day rides, or soft-sided coolers to help you enjoy a few cold ones during pit stops, here are our picks for the best cooler setups for the Can-Am Maverick X3!

    Maverick X3 Cooler Racks

    Before we get into the nitty-gritty of specific UTV coolers, an integral aspect of any side-by-side cooler setup is the cooler rack one chooses to use. Companies like UTV Mountain, UTV Inc, and TMW Offroad all make great cooler racks, tool racks, and swiveling utility racks for the Can-Am Maverick X3, and Geiser rear racks, as well as Tusk cargo racks, are great for coolers as well. Additionally, there are several firms out there like DMX Performance that make custom X3 cooler racks in all colors to fit the dimensions of any off-road cooler.

    On a similar note, some riders opt to fabricate their own Maverick X3 cooler racks out of 1 1/4” tubing with 1” square tubing to use as bottom supports. Depending on your specific needs, there are various locations on the X3 where one can mount a cooler rack. Placing a cooler on the roof of your vehicle might work if you’re tall, but it’s pretty inconvenient for the shorter folk among us. And if you ride with family members, placing a cooler down low can help your wife, girlfriend, or children access it easier.

    The rear cargo bed is a popular location to place cooler racks and mounts, and you can also move the stock muffler and stick a cooler rack in its place. But even without a designated cooler rack, it is still possible to safely and conveniently secure your Maverick X3 coolers with the right tie-downs, straps, and buckles.

    Securing Your Can-Am Maverick X3 Cooler

    Standard turnbuckles can be bolted to coolers and tool boxes to ensure that they don’t bounce out or move around when riding, and an aluminum plate with 4Q link mounts can also work to hold X3 coolers. Systems like the ones by Axia Alloys are perfect for holding coolers tightly and securely, and ratchet straps can function in a similar manner. Some riders choose to weld ratchets to hooked pieces of flat steel, while others use simple tie-down systems that consist of two ratchet straps, two 1/4” diameter clevis pins, and two cotter pins.

    Holding your cooler firmly is one thing, but being able to access the contents is another. So getting a cooler setup that allows you to easily open and close your cooler is crucial. And for those with soft-sided coolers, something as simple as a rope with a few smartly-tied knots can prevent them from sliding around.

    Can-Am X3 Coolers

    Although there is no one-size-fits-all cooler solution for the Can-Am Maverick X3, there are several cooler options that work well for particular uses. For day trips, a simple soft-sided cooler like the ones by Greene Mountain Outdoors, Assault Industries, or ATV TEK, can work wonders. You can stuff them to the brim with food, drinks, and accoutrements, then fold them up for easy storage after you’ve consumed everything inside.

    The insulated cooler / cargo box by SuperATV is a good choice for those looking for hard-sided coolers, and larger ice chests by RTIC, Yeti, and others are more than sufficient for multi-day rides and hunting trips. Smaller options like the Can-Am LinQ 8-gallon cooler box are ok, but they lack drainage plugs. Units such as the Yeti Hopper fit perfectly between the rear seats in the Maverick X3 Max, and bow cases are often retrofitted to hold food, drinks, and other goodies.

    Final Thoughts

    The dry storage and cargo box options for the Can-Am Maverick X3 are myriad, with several options to hold everything from spare tires and tool boxes to coolers and ice chests. Finding a quality cooler for the Can-Am Maverick X3 isn’t difficult, but the hard part is making it work safely and securely with all your other gear. Whatever your situation entails, however, proper cooler solutions exist, many of which can be found right here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

  • Rough Country: A Master Of Can-Am UTV Accessories

    Here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we strive to never rest on our laurels. And in our unending quest to provide customers with the highest-quality products at unbeatable prices, we constantly seek out collaborations with the industry’s leading aftermarket accessory makers. Recently, we began cooperating with the off-road firm Rough Country, and it is our pleasure to incorporate their cutting-edge accessories into our long list of aftermarket Can-Am Commander, Maverick, and Defender product lines. From light bars to lift kits, Rough Country’s Can-Am UTV gear is sure to impress even the most cynical of side-by-side owners!

    Rough Country Can-Am Windshields

    Be it for blocking sand particles when you’re sending it at the dunes in your Can-Am Maverick, or keeping water from splashing into the cabin of your Can-Am Defender when you’re hard at work on the farm, there are many reasons why riders choose to run Rough Country front and rear windshields on their Can-Am UTVs. Rough Country windshields and windscreens are tough as nails, and can withstand impacts from both sharp tree limbs as well as flying rocks without missing a beat.

    Like other full polycarbonate windshields for the Can-Am Maverick, Defender, and Commander, the ones by Rough Country are designed with scratch-resistant coatings on both the inward facing and outward facing surfaces that don’t scrape, scuff, or chip. Some polycarbonate UTV windshields are like needy children, requiring specific cleaning methods and the utmost caution when riding. But with a Rough Country windshield on your Maverick, Commander, or Defender, you can focus on the track, trail, or road ahead instead of your windshield!

    Rough Country Can-Am Lights

    The UTV lighting solutions from Rough Country are second to none. And even though their quality is on par with the more expensive motorsport lights out there, Rough Country light kits cost a fraction of the price. Need a 12” bumper-mounted LED kit for your Defender XMR? Or how about a 50” roof-mounted light bar for your Maverick X3 Turbo R? Whatever it is that you seek, Rough Country products are great options to choose.

    Not only are Rough Country light bars exceptionally bright, but they also come with innovative mounting brackets. The mounts for their 50” Black Series light bar, for instance, are almost unnoticeable. They attach to an in-built groove on the bottom of the light bar, allowing users to place them as wide or as narrow as needed. Add some orange DRL bulbs and you’ll be good to go for both nighttime and daylight riding! 

    Rough Country Winches For The Can-Am UTV Lineup

    Whether it’s Rough Country’s Can-Am Defender winch mounting plate or their Pro Series electric winch lineup, the winches and winch accessories from Rough Country are both robust and reliable. Their synthetic winch lines are perfect for any recovery scenario, and with Can-Am winch mounts and winch-related tools like snatch blocks, shackles, and D-ring isolators, Rough Country can provide you with everything you need for a safe and successful winching operation.   

    Can-Am Defender Rough Country Preload Spacers

    For those looking to gain a little ground clearance and make room for larger tires, the 3” Can-Am Defender lift kit by Rough Country is a great way to increase your rig’s ride height. Compared to bracket-style lift kits, Can-Am Defender puck lifts like the ones by Rough Country are both cheaper and easier to install. Although they can make your ride a bit stiffer, you might be able to adjust the preload of your shocks for more cushion depending on the year and edition of your Defender.  

    Closing Remarks

    In addition to their Can-Am-specific parts, accessories, and kits, Rough Country also provides things like grab handles, receiver hitch plates, and wiring kits that are universal and able to install in any 4x4. At the end of the day, however, Rough Country and companies of similar ilk will continue to tweak and improve their products. If a need arises and the customer demand is high enough, they’ll likely dip their toes into other areas with systems, assemblies, and kits that align with their core competencies and comparative advantages. So stay tuned, because we expect nothing but good things to come out of Rough Country in the not-to-distant future!

  • Synthetic or Steel: The Great Winch Cable Debate

    Once again, focusing on user experience allows us to clarify an issue that has doubtlessly stirred up more than a few rousing debates among UTV enthusiasts. In the same way that Can-Am Maverick winch manufacturers prioritize user experience to make an excellent product, we riders can decide whether we want a steel or synthetic winch cable by taking a look at our average day of chores. In other words, what do you need it for? Context is everything when it comes to choosing your winch cable, so we’re going to take a look at which one (steel or synthetic) does what the best. First, though, come the introductions.

    Steel Winch Cable

    Like so many other manufacturing staples in and out of the UTV industry, what is now synthetic (or partially synthetic) was long preceded by tougher, heavier, solid steel. Steel winch cables, like the one that comes included with this extremely powerful Can-Am Steel Cable Max 3000-lb. Winch by Viper, are highly wear-resistant in tough environments. This ability to handle dust, jagged debris and sand without fraying does come with a downside, however, as steel may rust after enough abuse. Oil can help to mitigate this, but not fully. Finally, as strong as steel is, it does have a habit of binding up more easily than its synthetic counterpart. 

    Synthetic Winch Rope

    Eventually, the synthetic rope gained enough of a following that it started to rival steel in the Can-Am winch market and other areas of manufacturing. Thanks to this demand, we now have compact, hard-hitting, and highly efficient synthetic winch kits like this Can-Am Axon 4500-RC Powersport Winch with Synthetic Rope by Warn. What’s the big deal, you might be thinking? Strength is the landscape here, and synthetic rope is loaded with it. In fact, synthetic rope is more than a dozen times stronger than steel. Not to mention, it’s about a quarter of the weight, and less likely to turn into a deadly missile in the event of a sudden failure. Where the steel cable binds up, synthetic rope keeps its shape, taut or not. In a nutshell, synthetic is more flexible, stronger, and lighter than steel. Paradoxically, it’s less durable than steel because it will show wear sooner, but it’s more durable than steel in the sense that it has a higher breaking threshold. If it ever does break on you, there’s a better chance (than with steel) that you can fix it without heading back to the shop. 

    It may sound at this junction like synthetic rope is ahead by a mile, and many Can-Am riders do swear by it, but there are still a few downsides involved with this polyethylene material. More than just showing wear, they can break more easily after being exposed to hot temperatures, so make sure to check that yours has a coating. This kind of rope is also prone to catching on certain points of the roller fairlead, which is why a Hawse is always a great idea. Another element that can gradually weaken the overall integrity of the rope is simply dirt and debris. For this reason, make sure to clean your synthetic rope often.

    Still Torn? Let’s Run the Pros and Cons

    If you haven’t caught on by now, the idea here is that neither steel nor synthetic Can-Am winch cables are superior, and that it’s your specific needs that will determine their success. That being said, a pro/con list showing you their strengths and weaknesses will help you pick out which style of cable is most appropriate for your situation.

    Steel Pros & Cons

    • Pros
      • Tougher than synthetic
      • Much harder to scratch/fray
      • UV resistant
      • Cheaper
      • Equal performance with either fairlead
    • Cons
      • More weight
      • Potential to whip much harder upon breaking
      • Won't float
      • Rigid; tougher to position
      • Binds up occasionally
      • Tougher to repair on the go
      • Tendency to rust

    Synthetic Pros & Cons

    • Pros
      • Significantly lighter
      • Stays flexible
      • Much less likely to flail when broken
      • Floats
      • Reparable on the go
      • Won't bind up as readily as steel
      • Doesn't rust like steel
      • More style/color options
      • Poor thermal/electric conductor

    • Cons
      • Requires more frequent cleaning
      • Rip-offs abound
      • Generally more costly than steel
      • Will hold water and potentially freeze
      • Damage is harder to see
      • More likely to fray with harsh terrain
      • Sensitive to heat
      • Not UV resistant

    This is everything you need to know in order to decide on a steel versus synthetic winch for you Can-Am. Once you stop thinking in terms of “which one is better?” and start thinking “which one is better for my situation?” you’re that much closer to building the perfect UTV experience, mud and all.

  • Can-Am unveils 2021 UTV lineup

    Can-Am enthusiasts have a lot to be excited about with the recent revelation of Can-Am’s 2021 lineup of side-by-sides. With the updates and capabilities of the latest lineup, it’s apparent that the big-name manufacturer is bringing the heat.

    2021 Defender

    Already known to be a workhorse, the 2021 Defender will be hitting the market with more capabilities than ever before. The industry-leading 4.5×6 footbed makes working around the farm a breeze, and with a torque that can keep up, the Defender can accomplish almost any task during the working hours. Defender Limited Models also come with standard heating, venting, and air conditioning to provide comfort and safety to those working in harsh climates. Beginning at $10,399, the Defender is an affordable rig for those looking to utilize one of the best workhorses on the market, or for the Can-Am enthusiast looking to upgrade.

    2021 Maverick X3

     Undoubtedly a fan favorite among Can-Am enthusiasts, the all-new 2021 Maverick X3 features new and upgraded capabilities that will have even skeptics doing a double-take. The triple-cylinder engine makes the Maverick one of the most powerful side-by-side in the world, with upgraded pistons, a large turbocharger, and an increased cooling capacity that will have you flying across the sand dunes or the fields. The semi-active Smart-Shox suspension reacts to both compression and rebounds with unmatched speed over any terrain. Users may choose between 2 and 4 seats and may choose between 15 different models. Pricing begins at $18,999.

    2021 Maverick Sport 

    Fulfill all your wildest SXS dreams with the Maverick Sport. This 2021 model is all about pushing boundaries and entering new realms you previously thought unreachable. Riders have the option of choosing a chassis, from the 4-seat MAX, rock-ready X rc to the mud-honed X mr. There’s an option for everyone looking to hit the trails in the rig of their dreams. Smart-Lok technology makes this unit fully lockable on-the-fly, with four electronically-controlled automatic modes that always return maximum traction in every condition. Beginning at $15,299, the Maverick Sport is a dream worthy of chasing.

    2021 Maverick Trail 

    Reach places you’ve never gone before from the back of your brand-new 2021 Maverick Trail. At 50 inches wide, this unit is the narrowest in the Can-Am side-by-side lineup, making it the perfect choice for navigating those narrow trails and hard-to-reach areas during your trek. Accessory-ready electronics along with ten built-in LINQ mounting points make this model a great option to upgrade to those accessories you’ve been keeping an eye on. Head over to Everything Can-Am Offroad, grab your upgrades, and head to the trail with your new accessories installed and ready to go. With an MSRP beginning at $11,399, you’ll be glad you dove in with this purchase.

    2021 Commander

    The versatility of the Commander makes this unit a great option for anyone looking to get away for the weekend or simply enjoy the trails close to home. Built for work or play, the Commander has been designed with a rider focus in mind, mixed with an exclusive bed and storage layout to ensure everything is kept safe and secure during your ride. The Commander is an all-in-one type of vehicle- some of its features include a box design that has a 600 lb. cargo capacity, dual storage levels, tailgate, anti-rust coating, and tilt-assist dumping. Whether looking for a unit for work or play, riders can’t go wrong with the Commander.

    No matter the option you choose, be sure to head over to Everything Can-Am Offroad to get loaded up with all your ideal parts and accessories. Whether you’re looking to get some work done or take off for the weekend, Everything Can-Am Offroad services every type of rider. Order your parts now and have them installed and ready to go before your next big adventure.

  • “Spotlight” on Rigid Industries: the UTV Lighting Kings

    Of course Rigid industries has been ruling the Can-Am LED lighting market – that’s what quality does. No matter how hard the corner-cutters try to undercut or out-gimmick them with flashy promotions, nothing speaks louder than consistent product quality, and that’s the only language Rigid seems to know. For years, they have been refining their Can-Am X3 lighting technology to accommodate more setups, preferences, and working conditions. If it needs to be lit, then Rigid can and will provide.

    Before you dive wallet-first into that beautiful selection of sparkly lights, it’s important that you first cover a few essential bases. First and foremost, what kind of optics do you need? For example, if you’re setting up Can-Am LED light bars for the purpose of illuminating an area while stationary (or just crawling <10mph), then scene or diffused optics are best. Flood and driving lights are better for faster speeds, and spot lights will serve you best if you’re topping out at over 50 miles per hour. 

    The biggest draw for most when it comes to Rigid lights is their extreme versatility – not just in function, but in form as well. Here is a maker who has mastered the art of sticking lights where we once thought they didn’t belong and making it work. For example, their Can-Am Radiance Pods will pump out seriously powerful light through a high-impact polycarbonate lens, all while giving you the freedom to mount just about anywhere.  

    A typical example of their innovative engineering, the Can-Am Commander Reflect Offroad LED UTV Rearview Mirrors pair by Rigid Industries combines the safety of a wide-angle mirror with the added visibility of a 3775-lumen light source. It’s mirror on one side, and forward-facing optics on the other so you can see the trail ahead and behind. That’s the difference between corner-cutting and doing it right, and nobody embodies that within the Can-Am LED lighting market as well as Rigid.

    Finally, Rigid rocked the UTV lighting market once more with their unveiling of Midnight Optics technology. Featured brilliantly on the Can-Am Midnight Edition SR-Q Series and many other, this new build goes far beyond simply painting the unit black. Thanks to a completely blacked out lens, you can almost completely camouflage the light during the day without sacrificing one iota of LED lighting power for your Can-Am. It’s smooth, it’s stealthy, and we absolutely love it.

    Rigid is always working on new ways to stay not just on top, but ahead of the UTV light bar market, so make sure you’re on the lookout for their next breakthrough. Until then, we at Everything Can-Am Offroad will continue to proudly carry their wide array of UTV lighting solutions. Happy riding out there, and be safe!  

  • Alternative Storage Options for your Can-Am Defender & Maverick

    Not everyone who wants to own a Can-Am has the storage space in which to do so. Whether you live in an apartment or somewhere with limited space, it isn’t always a possibility to keep your Maverick or Defender in a space near your home. This can be a big reason why many people choose not to own a UTV that might otherwise.

    There are several alternative storage options available to people looking for a space in which to store their Can-Am Defender or Maverick. Much depends on the availability of space nearby, what your housing situation is, or how much money you’re willing to spend.

    It’s important to first consider how much space you’ll need to store your Can-Am. Consider not only the size of your rig, but also the accessories and riding gear you’ll need to find a place for as well. It is important to find something well-protected from the elements, especially if you are in an area of the country that experiences fluctuating weather patterns. 

    As far as your options go for what kind of storage options you have, there are many different avenues you can take. For one, renting a storage unit nearby might be a cheap and convenient way to go. Be sure that the unit you choose is wide enough for your Can-Am to fit through, and big enough to fit all the accessories, gear, or even a trailer that you might want to store there. Don’t forget to consider the size of the door- you may find the perfect space, but if your Maverick or Defender doesn’t fit through the door, you’ll have to keep looking.

    If renting a storage unit isn’t an option, perhaps consider a covered trailer. Not only will your rig be protected from the elements, but you have the means to easily transport your Can-Am anywhere you’d like without having to load and unload your trailer every time. If you don’t already have a piece of land on which you can store your trailer, consider reaching out to a family member or close friend to see if they have space they’d be willing to spare.

    If your area of the country reaches extreme temperatures, climate-controlled storage might be a good option. This method of storage will prevent damage from humidity, heat or cold while providing a nice, cool environment in which to work on your rig if you choose to do so.

    If indoor parking is not an option, try to at least provide your Can-Am Maverick or Defender with some protection with covered parking. Covered parking can be done cheaply if you choose to do it yourself. Keep in mind that this option doesn’t have to be anything fancy; something as simple as an aluminum roof can do the trick, or even a nylon, waterproof tarp. That way, sun damage and rust can be kept to a minimum. 

    No matter the method you choose in how you store your UTV, keep in mind that this was an expensive investment. Paying a monthly fee to keep your unit protected might be worth it to avoid the cost of replacement parts and the repair fees that will come as a result of negligence. Plus, maintaining the condition of your unit will keep its value high, an important aspect to keep in mind if you plan to trade or sell your unit someday.

    Either way you spin it, protecting your UTV is protecting an investment- both financially and personally. The next time you go to take your UTV out for a spin or out for the weekend, remember that keeping your unit safe from the elements will allow you to enjoy many rides for years to come.

    Before you pack up for your next adventure, be sure to head over to Everything Can-Am Offroad to see the latest in parts and accessories. Don’t pass up that upgrade you’ve been wanting to make- most of our orders are shipping within three business days to ensure that the next time you take your unit out for the weekend, you’ll have a new part to show off on the trails. 

  • Farming Accessories for the Can-Am Defender

    The Can-Am Defender on its own is an ideal machine for use around the farm, but certain parts and accessories on the market today offer the perfect pairing for accomplishing those arduous tasks. There are several parts and accessories available from Everything Can-Am Offroad that promise to increase the efficiency of your daily activities to help you get your work done in record time. Take a look at a few of our favorites and think about how they might help you tackle your daily workload. 

    Can-Am M.U.D Trailer by Moose

    This trailer is a favorite amongst powersports enthusiasts. Constructed from steel, this heavy-duty trailer is built for the cumbersome loads that need transporting across the farm. Whether hauling rocks, mud, tools or other outdoor accessories, this trailer is built to withstand even the harshest conditions and terrains while getting from one destination to the next. The removable tailgate paired with the tilting feature make for easy dumping or removal of every load. The sturdy construction paired with the 1,000-lb capacity makes those tasks you’ve been dreading seem like a breeze.  

    Can-Am Groundhog Max with Kit by Bad Dawg

    The Groundhog Max serves as the perfect companion, especially if you’re working as a one-man operation. The easy-to-use transport mode allows the plow to reach any remote food plot that your Defender can reach. The Groundhog Max can reach speeds between 3-7 MPH, and even has the capability to plow in reverse if you miss a spot or need to back up for any reason. Though half as wide as a normal plow, the Groundhog Max is meant to create food plots that are easily crafted by one person. This plow is also great for creating firebreaks or for use with duck hunting, landscaping and weed control, making it the ultimate, versatile tool.

    Can-Am 57” Rough Cut Mower by Kunz

    The ultimate pairing exists between the Can-Am Defender and the 57” Rough Cut Mower by Kunz. Built to tackle large plots of land, this mower will save you time and money by allowing you to cut your field the way you want it while avoiding the use of a mowing service, thus saving you thousands every year. This mower can be pulled directly behind your Defender or set to the side, ensuring that you won’t miss any spots on even the largest stretches of land. Features also include a commercial grade twin cylinder electric start engine and electric clutch blade engagement. 

    Can-Am 48 Inch Landscape Rake by Field Tuff

    You’ll no longer need to stress about the upkeep of your property when you have the Landscape Rake by Field Tuff in tow. This rake is built to clear unwanted debris off your land quickly and efficiently. Along with having the capability to clear debris such as rocks and underbrush, this rake is also the perfect tool for grading, leveling, and breaking up the soil however you see fit. The 48-inch span gives you the perfect range to work within while the maneuverability allows you to get close to fences, walls and other stationary objects without risk of unintentionally inflicting damage.

    Can-Am Small Buck 6 Disc Plow by Battle Armor Designs

    This disc plow is the ideal tool for making food plots within small areas. The plow features discs that have been engineered for a tighter turning radius to get into those hard-to-reach areas with ease. Transporting is done simply by locking the plow in the transport position, ensuring that the plow won’t be damaged and you won’t be injured.

    Farming implements can be a big investment, but if you use them frequently and treat them with care, they will undoubtedly pay for themselves. Don’t waste any more time on labor-intensive tasks- head over to Everything Can-Am Offroad to find the perfect accessory. With the help of one of our farming accessories, we have no doubt that you’ll soon be “plowing” through your work and accomplishing tasks in record-time.

  • Can-Am Commander Lift Kits: What you Need to Know

    There are plenty of modification options for the hard-core Can-Am enthusiast looking for that thrill-ride that will send their adrenaline spiking through their veins. Though the Can-Am Commander’s regular lift is enough to incite plenty of fun for any rider, those looking for that extra thrill ought to consider implementing a lift kit to their vehicle. A lift kit will take your rides up a notch in terms of thrill and capabilities while exposing new avenues for you to explore that weren’t previously possible.

    If you’re interested in improving your ride with a lift kit, there are several components to consider. Before you pull out your credit card, let’s take a look at some aspects you should take into consideration before you make your final purchase.


    We all have our preferred brands, but at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we work with top-rated brands so we can continue to bring our customers the best products. As enthusiasts ourselves, we know what our customers want, because we want the same thing. Here are just a few of the brands we carry that offer lift kits on our website:

    Each of these brands offers top-notch products that are sure to have Can-Am enthusiasts coming back for more. Be sure to browse through each brand’s offerings to see the complete array of parts and accessories offered by each. 


    Outfitting your UTV with a lift kit comes with a slew of advantages that will enhance the performance of your UTV while improving your overall experience. Having larger tires on your lifted UTV will give you more freedom on the trails while you fly through those deep mud puddles and other deep crevices that might be more difficult to navigate without the lift kit. UTV’s with a lift and larger tires are less likely to become stuck in deep holes, therefore giving the rider a better opportunity to peruse the trails without worry.

    Having a lift kit will also help to reduce the tire and shock damage that is typical with a regular UTV. Rocks, potholes and stumps can wreak havoc on standard-grade UTV tires, and it can cause damage to your vehicle’s shocks. A lift kit will relocate your UTV’s shock mounts, which in turn tightens up the vehicle’s suspension and improves the machine’s ability to navigate tough terrain. 

    Simple Installation

    Installing a lift kit on your Can-Am Commander is meant to be simple and easy. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of resources available on the internet that will walk you through how to quickly and efficiently install your new lift kit on your Can-Am Commander. Take a look at this YouTube video, for example- it is only 1:28 long, and the entire process is covered from start to finish. For a more in-depth and hands-on review of how to install a lift kit on a Can-Am Commander, check out this video that is only eight minutes long but documents the entire process in-depth from start to finish.

    From the ease of installation to the improved safety, there are several reasons for riders to consider a lift kit for their Can-Am Commander. The terrain on which you most commonly ride is important to think about when making your selection, taking into consideration which terrain might benefit most from a lift kit. Regardless, there is no wrong choice- anyone can benefit from a lift kit, no matter their location. The price is right and the benefits are aplenty, so why wait?

    With summer just around the corner, riders everywhere will be scrambling to outfit their vehicle with the latest-and-greatest equipment that will make them the envy of the trails. For more information on parts and accessories for your Can-Am Commander, head over to Everything Can-Am Offroad to begin preparing for your next off-road adventure. 

  • How to Find your Can-Am Roll Cage Size and Style

    The roll cages on Can-Am’s lineup of side-by-sides play a variety of roles. Can-Am roll cages are first and foremost a safety feature. Commonly referred to as rollover protection structures (ROPS), the primary function of a roll cage is to protect the vehicle’s occupants in the event of a rollover. That being said, ROPS are also used as a place on which to mount a variety of UTV accessories, ranging from roofs and windshields to racks and sound bars. For this reason, it is important to know the size and style of your machine’s roll cage before ordering any cage-mounted aftermarket accessory.

    Can-Am Maverick Roll Cages

    As Can-Am’s flagship sport UTVs, the roll cages on the Can-Am Maverick X3, Maverick Trail, and Maverick Sport are made to withstand the toughest of potential impacts. The diameter of both the two-seater and four-seater Maverick X3 roll bars are 1.85 inches, with some top crossbars being 1.5 inches and the rear harness bars being 2.5 inches in diameter.  

    Can-Am Roll Cage Sizes

    • Maverick and Maverick 4 seat - 2.0”
    • Maverick X3 - 1.85"
    • Commander - 2.0”

    The Maverick Sport X XRC and the Maverick Trail have two cage options -- tubular roll cages and non-round profile cages. Regarding the former, the round tube cages on both the Maverick Trail and Sport are 1.85 inches, with bumpers that are 1.5 inches. Standard c-clamps and mounts will work with these cages. However, with the profile cages, you’re going to need a specialty-made clamp to mount accessories like side-mirrors on the vertical a-pillar supports.

    Because Mavericks are commonly used for racing applications, many are equipped with aftermarket roll cages that might not adhere to the above specifications. For these, you’ll have to measure the dimensions yourself using a vernier caliper, a string, or even a printed paper cutout like the one found here.

    Can-Am Commander Roll Cages

    The factory roll cages on Can-Am Commanders have a diameter of 2 inches throughout. This makes installing things like light bars and cage-mounted speakers rather easy, as the clamps that come with any Commander-specific accessory kit will fit any edition of the Can-Am Commander.  

    Most light bar kits for the Can-Am Commander bolt right onto the flat plates on the upper corners of the cage, but some use clamp-style mounts. And for those looking to attach a roof to their Commander cage, using rubber spacers between the roof and the cage will ensure that it won’t rattle when you're riding on bumpy terrain. 

    Can-Am Defender Roll Cages

    Unlike the Maverick and the Commander, most riders don’t use their Can-Am Defenders for racing or extreme off-road applications. Nevertheless, the roll cage on the Defender isn’t lacking in terms of strength. Like the Commander, the Can-Am Defender roll cage has a diameter of 2 inches. Some 2-inch roll bar mounts might seem like they’re too small to fit, but all you have to do is spread them apart and slide them over the appropriate roll bar.    

    A few Defender owners have contacted us about squeaky noises coming from their cage. If you’re in the same boat, you can try popping the side panels off where the roll cage goes behind the seats -- using a flat-head screwdriver to pry up the center and pull out the plastic rivets -- then tighten the two bolts on each side where the roll cage fastens to the body. 

    Final Thoughts

    No matter if you have a stock roll cage, an aftermarket roll cage, or a bolt-on factory cage replacement, knowing the size and style of the cage on your Can-Am Maverick, Commander, or Defender is quite useful. Regardless of whether you want to chop your cage, or add aftermarket accessories to it, knowing the dimensions of the roll bars, support pillars, and other elements of your vehicle’s frame will save you from a great deal of future hassle and frustration.  

  • How to Wash your Can-Am Windshield

    Whether you’re working hard or playing hard, tearing up the trails in your Can-Am Commander, Maverick X3 or Defender usually means your windshield will be completely covered in mud to show for it. While all that dirt and grime serves as a symbol of damn-good time, leaving your rig uncleaned can actually harm it in the long run and end up costing you money to repair or replace it. All the same, improperly cleaning it can be just as much of an issue, as having a clear sightline is crucial to safely operate your UTV. Unfortunately, cleaning it right is not as simple as just hosing it off, or using any old rag and soap combo. So before you let the mud dry onto your Maverick X3, let’s take a look at how properly cleaning your windshield will prevent damage while saving you money in the long run.

    Know your Material

    Before you get started, it’s important to know what material your Can-Am Commander windshield is made of. Whether it’s glass, acrylic or polycarbonate, each requires its own maintenance process. Glass is scratch-resistant, so you can clean it virtually any way you’d like, though the best way is always rinsing it with water and wiping it down with a cloth. Acrylic, which is also known as Plexiglass and Lucite, is fairly scratch-resistant, but not quite so durable as glass. Polycarbonate is the strongest of the three materials, but is susceptible to scratching, which is why it is imperative that users know how to clean their windshields safely and effectively without compromising the quality of the material.

    How to Properly Clean

    Now that you know the type of material you’re dealing with, how can you get that dried-up grime off your windshield safely?

    First, thoroughly wash your windshield, but don’t pull out the sponge or rag just yet. The grit and gravel in all that dirt can easily scrape up your windshield if it’s smudged around with a rag. To minimize damage, start by using a hose to rinse away any loose dirt. 

    Next, you’ll need a cloth. We recommend a soft, lint-free cloth that is brand-new, though a used one will work just fine so long as it is completely clean. Rinse your cloth and be sure you don’t see any particles in the water before use.

    Create a mixture of mild liquid dish soap and warm water, or a UTV-specific cleaning solution. Novus is a popular solution among UTVers and can be found on Amazon. If you have a polycarbonate shield, avoid using harsh abrasives or chemicals that might cause damage, and instead consider using a light detergent such as dish soap, baby shampoo or hand soap.

    After rinsing, you’ll have to put in a little elbow grease to get the rest of the dirt off. Wet your cloth in your cleaning solution and wash your windshield’s interior and exterior, applying light pressure to reduce the risk of scratching. Do not use paper towels or Windex; paper towels are abrasive, while Windex is a harsh solution that may scratch the surface.

    Once all the dirt is wiped away, rinse the windshield down once more to clear away any remaining loose dirt. Spot check as you see fit, using the recommended side-to-side motion. Let your windshield airdry for 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the humidity of your location.

    Once your Commander is dry, you’re all set to get muddied up on the trails all over again! Stay safe while riding, and be sure to check out Everything Can-Am Off-Road for all your UTV parts and accessories. Still need a windshield? Browse our Windshields available from several brands.

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