8 Top UTV Products for Can-Am UTV Spring Mud Riding Season

Mar 14th 2024

8 Top UTV Products for Can-Am UTV Spring Mud Riding Season

As the snow melts away and the temperatures rise, it's time to gear up for one of the most thrilling seasons for off-road enthusiasts: spring mudding time, baby! Whether you're a seasoned puddle plopper or just getting started, having the right equipment is crucial for conquering those deep mud pits and rugged terrain without getting stuck or damaging your UTV. Here at, we've compiled a list of the top 8 UTV products specifically tailored for Can-Am owners to enhance their spring mud riding experience.

Beefed-Up Axles for Serious Sloshing

When it comes to tackling muddy trails, having heavy-duty axles is essential to withstand the strain of challenging terrains. Our Can-Am Defender Heavy Duty Stock Length Axle by TrakMotive offers superior strength and durability, boasting features such as TPE dust boots for puncture resistance and precision machined chrome steel center shafts. With up to 35% more strength than OEM axles, you can tackle the toughest conditions with confidence.

                                               An image of the Can-Am Defender Heavy Duty Stock Length Axle by TrakMotive, pictured outside its box with the box in the background, all against a blank background.

The Ultimate Mudding Tires

Don't let muddy conditions slow you down – equip your Can-Am with Can-Am Mud Tires by Quadboss. Like all high-quality mud tires, these aggressive mud-busters feature a directional tread design for optimal traction and self-cleaning capabilities, ensuring you stay on course even in the thickest mud. With a 6-ply rating and built-in rim guard, these tires are engineered to withstand the most extreme off-road conditions.

The Heavy-Duty Winch: A Mudding Must

A powerful winch can be a lifesaver when navigating through mud pits and tricky terrain. Our Can-Am 4500 lb. Winch by Aprove offers reliable performance with a 4500lb single-line pull capacity and a 3-stage planetary gear train. With IP67 waterproofing and low noise operation, this winch is built to handle the toughest challenges you encounter on your spring mud riding adventures. You never know who’s going to need (more than) a hand!

Snorkel It!

Keep water out of your engine and vital components with the Can-Am Defender Riser Snorkel by High Lifter. This comprehensive snorkel kit includes everything you need for proper installation, ensuring your UTV stays protected from water and debris while maintaining optimal performance in muddy conditions.

Keep Up With Your Upgrades With a Premium CVT Belt

Maximize power transfer and reliability with the Can-Am Power Series CVT Belt by DynoJet. Designed for high-powered UTV applications, this heavy-duty belt is rigorously tested to withstand harsh environments, providing consistent grip and performance when you need it most.

                                                  An image of the Can-Am Power Series CVT Belt by DynoJet, pictured with its original packaging against a blank background.

Lift It

Enhance your off-road capabilities with the Can-Am Defender 2" Lift Kit by HighLifter. This lift kit increases ground clearance and allows for larger tires, giving you the freedom to tackle even the deepest mud holes with ease. With zinc plating for durability and all necessary hardware included, installation is a breeze.

No, Seriously. Lift It!

For those seeking even more ground clearance and performance, the Can-Am Defender DHT XL Axles 9" Big Lift with DHT XL Axles by HighLifter is the ultimate upgrade. Featuring custom Outlaw DHT XL axles and heavy-duty components, this 9" lift kit is designed to take your Can-Am to new heights, allowing you to conquer the most challenging terrain with confidence.

The Most Important Part

While having the right equipment is crucial for a successful mud riding adventure, the most important part is the camaraderie and shared experiences with friends and loved ones. So, don't forget to bring along your riding buddies and create lasting memories as you tackle the trails together.

With these top UTV products for Can-Am owners, you'll be ready to take on the spring mud riding season with confidence and style. So gear up, hit the trails, and embrace the thrill of off-road adventure with