Lift Kits

Everything Can-Am Offroad offers a great solution for those who need additional ground clearance for their Can-Am Commander vehicles. They have an extensive collection of Can-Am Commander lift kits, ranging from 2-inch lift kits to 8-inch lift kits in various styles and brands. Whether you are facing Can-Am Commander lift kit problems or simply searching for the best deal on lift and leveling kits, Everything Can-Am Offroad has got you covered. You can check Can-Am Commander lift kit reviews to make an informed decision regarding the lift kit size, style, and brand. You can also visit their dedicated Portal Gear Lift category to select from their full range of Portal Gear Lifts. So, if you want to upgrade your Can-Am Commander's ground clearance, Everything Can-Am Offroad is your go-to place.

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Aside from giving your Can-Am Commander the lift that you need to clear jagged rocks and to be able to conquer more intense terrain, a lift kit also allows you to upgrade your tires and wheels to those big bad boys that you have been eyeing since you first purchased your Side by Side. This is a major move for you and your UTV and choosing the right lift kit for your Can-Am Commander should be carefully thought out and should come with sound advice. Sound advice is available freely at Everything Can-Am Offroad and you will have purchased a kit for your machine that will serve you faithfully for years to come.

Aside from standard lift kits, you will also be able to find shock spacer lifts, bracket lifts, big lift kits which are 5+ inches, and portal gear lifts, all of which are available from SuperATV, High Lifter, S3 Power Sports, DragonFire and Strong Made, which are the brands that we carry and which are trusted across the globe by riders professional and otherwise. At Everything Can-Am Offroad, you get quality, performance and extreme durability for your money, as well as the freedom to explore more.

Thinking of which Can-Am Commander lift kit to get? Why not get multiple? The SuperATV bracket lift and portals work well together, and although their website says it doesn’t fit the limited model, it actually bolts right up. Racer Tech with springs is another option for those wanting a lifted Can-am Commander. The air suspension still works with this lift kit and the springs completely change the handling of the UTV. A common issue with lifted Can-am Commanders — specifically with the Highlifter lift kit — is that it puts more stress on the axles. A lot of lift kits simply stiffen up your suspension to gain height, which not only makes your Commander ride like garbage, but also makes the CV joints run at their max angle. This is also how the OEM lifts work. The front lift has relocation brackets which make the front shocks stand more vertical, changing their angle which not only seems to stiffen the shock, but lessen the travel as well. The rear comes with spring spacers which basically get stuffed between the springs, again stiffening the them. If you loosen up the springs to make it ride nice again, you will be back down to basically the stock ride height. Now if all you do is go in mud holes and don’t care how your suspension works, you may not notice how bad the ride is. But if you’re, say, a rock crawler or hill climber, such kits will ruin your ride. So give us a call or send over an email before you buy so you can get the perfect lift kit for you Can-Am Commander!

Whether you are just looking for a bit more clearance so that you can take on some more rugged terrain or you are looking for that monster finish that some portal lifts give you, every kind of lift is possible right here and from brands that are known and trusted in the UTV aftermarket parts industry. SuperATV, RT Pro, Strong Made, HighLifter, TurnKey UTV, and Dragonfire are those brands. You can trust that when it comes to choosing a lift kit from these brands, your Can-Am Commander is in great hands. Want a 2.5” lift kit? Go with one from Strong Made. It comes with every imaginable part that you will need to smoothly execute your installation and if this is your first time installing a lift kit, this is a great place to start. If you’re over the smaller lift kit that you have been rocking and you want to jump a few inches in height, then you can look at the 6” Portal Gear Lift by SuperATV. This kit gives you a lift and a gear reduction. The lift and gear reduction are in the hub so that they maintain the geometry of your suspension and reduce drivetrain stress. This particular lift kit also gives you the ability to run bigger tires and also provides the torque you need to turn them. Choose from one of the many lift kits here for your Can-Am Commander or Can-Am Commander MAX and enjoy the world of adventure that comes with more ground clearance.

For UTV owners that like customizing their rig, a lift kit is the way to go. One of the most popular customizations done in the UTV world, lift kits are a great way to get the tall, menacing stance that badass riders have. In addition to the look, lift kits also provide height for riding on uneven trails without damaging the undercarriage of your rig. They ensure enhanced performance by providing increased stability and handling. You can get 4 Inch Portal Gear Lift Seal and Bearing Rebuild Kits for your 2020 Can-Am Commander or Rear Adjustable Stage 4 Elka Shocks for your 2020 Can-Am Commander MAX. These accessories allow you to get the lift you desire for your machine and when paired with shocks and monster tires, you’ll be standing tall. Whether you just want to add a bit more clearance while you ride or go all out to stand mountain-tall, we have just what you need. Get lift kits for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.