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Lift Kits

If you’re jealous of you’re buddy’s life Can-am Defender and considering lifting your own rig, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got the best Can-am Defender lift kits; including bracket lifts, portal lifts, suspension lifts, and more. If it’s ground clearance you seek, then ground clearance you shall have. With a standard Can-am Defender lift, you change the axle angles, which in turn puts added stress on the other suspension components. Plus, running bigger tires adds weight, and therefore increases the forces on the UTV. Though the gearing is lower and the side-by-side will still be able to turn larger tires, they start stressing the differentials, transmission, and gears with the added weight of the lift and tires. Portal lifts, on the other hand, keep your axle angles the way they came from the factory. Furthermore, with the added gear reduction, they put less stress on diffs and trans, which in turn make your Can-am Defender’s drive train last longer. Every Can-am Defender lift option has both pros and cons. You will lose speed on all setups, and you will lose power with standard lifts — but portals gain it back with the added reduction. You will have to add reinforcements for portal lifts as they add extra stress because of the added width. Components like tie rods and ball joints become vulnerable and your a-arms need to be beefed up swapped out and replaced with aftermarket ones. Each type of lift will be better for different ride styles and terrain types. Many Can-am owners, though, view portals as the most efficient way to go for big heavy tires.


29 products

29 products

That being said, portals can be expensive and require a lot of work to install, whereas bracket lifts are quite simple. Side-by-side companies like Battle Armor Designs make great Can-am Defender lift kits, but even with a bracket lift, you’ll probably want to install wheel spacers to increase stability and lower the UTV’s center of gravity. The Catvos 3" lift has gotten a lot of positive feedback from Can-am owners. It is made out of thick material with a great fit and finish. You can use the Catvos lift while still running stock axles with no issues — but you’ll find that the benefits of running spring spacers and Catvos’ tie rods are substantial. In addition to Catvos and Battle Armor, UTV firms like Highlifter and Rage also make good lifts for the Can-Am Defender. Regarding the former, if you’re running the HL 2” lift with larger tiers, you may have to crank your shocks all the way up as slight rubbing is common. But regardless of what lift style your after for your Can-am Defender, you can bet that we here at Everything Can-Am Offroad have the right lift to meet your needs.

All technicalities aside, a lift kit done right on your Can-Am Defender can either give you the ground clearance that you are after without being excessively high, or you can turn your  UTV into a beast.  Whichever look you are after for your machine, you will find the UTV aftermarket lift kit that will make it possible for you right here.  There are many different heights of lift kits from 2in all the way up to 10 inch lift kits.  Some of the lift kits that you see here, you may be able to install on your own, whereas the larger the lift kit, the more experienced mechanic or UTV Rider you should have at your side to ensure that you install it correctly. High Lifter, SuperATV, Great Day, Dragonfire, and Battle Armor UTV  are just a few of the UTV brands that we are at everything Can-Am Offroad choose to carry.  We choose these brands based on their consistency in delivering high-quality parts you can be sure that these brands do exactly that.  not only do they stand for a certain standard of quality but depending on the brand you will find a wide range of prices as well. So,  when it comes to choosing the right lift kit for your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender Max we admit that you do have your work cut out for you however we are here to help you decide you will end up with the perfect lift kit for your side by side.

Most riders love the look and high stance of a lifted vehicle as it gives off a sense of ruggedness and readiness to tackle any challenge. Riders that find pleasure in customizing their rig love lift kits because they are a simple upgrade that can make such a drastic difference. They change the way you drive as they add height and stability so you can tackle the most unforgiving trails with better handling while preventing your undercarriage from being torn apart. Lift Kits from Everything Can-Am Offroad can get you where you want to be, height-wise. You can get 9 Inch Big Lift with DHT XL Axles for your 2020 Can-Am Defender or 4 Inch Portal Gear Lift Seal and Bearing Rebuild Kits for your 2020 Can-Am Defender MAX. Add shocks and larger tires and emerge on the trail like the monster truck that you are. Get lift kits for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

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