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Bumpers and Brush Guards

Front and rear side-by-side bumpers are among the best ways to protect your Can-am Defender from collisions, impacts, and unexpected mishaps. Be it the diamond plated steel SuperATV bumper or the tough and burly Battle Armor Designs bumper, Can-am Defender bumpers will save your hide should you lose control or fall victim to another driver’s negligence. While Can-am Defender rear bumpers can save your UTV’s tail lights if you back into a tree or something, Can-am Defender front bumpers will protect your radiator and other front-end components. Regarding rear bumpers, many riders want something that provides added protection, but doesn’t interfere with bed dumping functionality. And of course, a Can-am Defender rear bumper must be strong enough so a couple of full-grown adults can sit on tailgate and enjoy a frosty beverage without it bending. Like SuperATV and Battle Armor, side-by-side companies like KFI and Wild Boar also make great bumpers and Can-am Defender brush guards. Looking for an easy way to mount a winch on your UTV? Look no further than a Can-am Defender winch bumper.


Like bumpers, Can-am Defender front brush guards will also give your side-by-side added protection. Especially for hunters and bushwhackers who blaze their own trails, brush guards will keep your Can-am’s underbelly free from scratches, dents, and dings. Plus, Can-am Defender brush guards will also keep foliage from getting stuck up and in the bottom of your UTV. You’ve invested a lot to become a proud Can-am Defender owner, so why wouldn’t you shield your investment from potential damage? Why risk riding unprotected when it’s so easy to safeguard yourself from the hazards of the trail. With a proper front and rear bumper / brush guard from Everything Can-Am Offroad, you can ride hard knowing that your side-by-side is fully protected!

Bumpers are a top safety pick when it comes to protection and brush guards provide a barrier against those things you may not see, but can still cause damage. Rocks, trees and even flying projectiles can add to the wear and tear of your rig faster than you can repair them so why not add a tough barrier against them? Upgrade the safety of your machine with accessories from Everything Can-Am Offroad. Bumpers and brush guards are also a great way to improve the style of your UTV by customizing the look of your front and tail end. You can get a Rear Bumper with Winch Plate and Bed Mounts for your 2020 Can-Am Defender or a Front Bumper with Side Rails for your 2020 Can-Am Defender MAX. These guards are made from the strongest, top-quality materials and will outlast any stock bumper. Get bumpers and brush guards for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

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