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If you’ve dinged up your Can-Am Maverick wheels, are thinking about going with a different wheel size, or simply want to change up the style of your UTV, with a set of rims from Everything Can-Am Offroad, you can do all of that and more. Many riders suggest replacing the tires and wheels with a larger 14” set, as running larger-diameter wheels both improves handling and performance. The 14” MSA 20 UTV wheel set with M1 Evil tires is a good combination, but the 30/10/14 Tusk Warthog tires also perform well on MSA wheels. Fuel Offroad also makes quality Can-am Maverick wheels and tires. Get some 30x10x15 Cooper STT Pro tires wrapped around some Fuel wheels and your Maverick will be a force to be reckoned with. Be it 30" Carnivores on M12 Diesel wheels or some 30x10x14 STI Chicane Rx tires with ITP SS rims, you can mix and match your Side by Side’s tire / wheel combination till your heart’s content. But you should also keep in mind unsprung weight when considering wheels for your Can-am Maverick. A friend of the site runs 32” Mudder In-Law tires on 14” wheels off of a Commander XT, and boy are those puppies heavy. We normally wouldn’t suggest this, but because his machine has a turbo, it’s able to accommodate the extra weight.

In addition to the diameter and weight of a UTV wheel, the offset and backspacing of your Can-am Maverick wheels will also affect how it rides. A 4+3 offset will give your Maverick a wider stance, but this also puts more stress on your suspension components — as it changes scrub. Camber issues are also relatively common on OEM Can-am Maverick wheels. Despite all bushings, axles, and a-arms being straight, you may find a slight negative or positive camber in one or all of your UTV wheels. This is usually caused by a bad wheel bearing, but a depressed or deformed axle nut washer can also cause similar issues. If this is the case, simply go to the hardware store and get a 5/8 grade 8 washer and Dremel the I.D. out a little to fit it on the axle. Otherwise, measure eyelet to eyelet on both rear coil overs, if it’s not the wheel bearing or axle washer nut, chances are that the side with the camber issue will be shorter. If they are adjustable coil overs, crank it up a bit, if not it is likely that the spring itself is fatigued and needs replaced. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter if you’re running Dragonfire racing tires and rims on your Can-am Maverick or you’re looking to buy Mamba’s Race Line bead lock wheels, whatever you’re UTV wheel need may be, we have the answer here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

21 products

21 products

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