Cab Enclosures

Everything Can-Am Offroad offers a wide selection of Can-Am Commander cab enclosures for sale in the USA and Canada. Whether you're looking for a hard or soft cab enclosure, partial or full, we can help. We also provide detailed instructions and walk-throughs to help with Can-Am Commander cab enclosure installation, maintenance, and damage prevention. With our products and expertise, you can ensure that your Can-Am Commander stays protected and comfortable through any terrain or weather.

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Can-Am Commander cab enclosures and cab systems are built to withstand more than just the changing weather conditions, they are made to keep the occupants of the cab dry, to protect from UV rays and to stand as the first line of defense from rocks, sticks, and branches that fly up as you race your CanAm Commander across the trails. At Everything Can-Am Offroad, you can find a wide selection of options that are easy to install, easy to transport so you can add them on the go, and that will serve you and your Can-Am Commander for years to come.

The UTV cab enclosure brands that we carry stand at the forefront of not just the industry, but at the forefront of technology and innovation itself. The firms we partner with are constantly looking for ways to step their game up, conducting a great deal of R&D as well as rigorous testing along all phases of product development. Some of these powersports brands include Over Armor Offroad, Kolpin Powersports, GCL UTV and Classic Accessories. These brands provide a variety of Can-am Commander soft cabs and Can-am Commander hard cab enclosures, some of which have front and rear windshields built in that allow airflow into the cab via pre-molded air vents.

So if you’re tired of getting soaking wet when it’s raining, sunburned on those bluebird days, or freezing cold when riding in the winter, a UTV cab enclosure is the way to go. Not only will the interior of your UTV welcome the added protection from the elements that a cab enclosure provides, but so too will the passengers of your Side by Side. So what are you waiting for? Order your Can-am Commander cab enclosure today and take control over mother nature’s fury!

With winter on your doorstep in many cases, a full cab enclosure for your Can-Am Commander is exactly what the UTV-doctor ordered and we have a wide variety for you to choose from. You can get the Black Full Cab Enclosure With Vented Windshield from Mammoth Skins, a Black Full Cab Enclosure With Vinyl Windshield by GCL UTV, a Full Cab Enclosure With Aero-Vent Windshield by Over Armor Offroad or a Full Cab Enclosure from Green Mountain. With all those options in mind, you do not have to just get a full cab e closure, there are many options where you can go without a front or rear windshield or without the doors. Choose the cab enclosure for your Side by Side that best suits and works for you. In some cases, the options lend to you putting them on while you are on the go so that you can dodge the rain, or avoid direct heat of the midday sun. Your machine is versatile and so should the attachments that you choose. The UTV aftermarket industry may be full of options that leave you with more questions than answers but you can trust in the quality of the cab enclosures that you find here because they are carried by us and we only carry the best.

Full exposure is a thing of the past and with cab enclosures from Everything Can-Am Offroad. You never have to ride out in the open again, unless you choose to. A cab enclosure is a great way to get windows, doors, a roof, and a windshield in an all-inclusive package or you can choose an option that gives you doors, windows, and a rear window if you prefer. No matter which one you choose, you can control the ventilation for your machine and ride more comfortably. With great options for your Can-Am Commander, your enhanced look and functionality is just a click away. We supply Full Enclosures with Vented Windshields for your Can-Am Commander or Soft Doors and Rear Window Enclosures for your Can-Am Commander MAX. These enclosures are made from the highest quality materials that will withstand wind, rain, and sun and can be zipped or rolled-up when you want to enjoy the breeze. Choose a color that best suits your UTV and in no time you’re ready to go. Get cab enclosures for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.