Shocks & Springs

Everything Can-Am Offroad provides a solution for achieving desired results with your Can-Am Defender vehicle. Minor adjustments to your Can-Am Defender springs or shock spacers can help reach desired results. However, when these adjustments are not enough, Everything Can-Am Offroad offers a range of components and parts to help you. These include Can-Am Defender Fox shocks, S3 springs, and front and rear shocks and springs for your Can-Am Defender.

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Does your Can-Am Defender’s suspension system just not feel the same anymore? Do you feel a rattling sound every time you hit a bump? Or maybe you and your passengers feel a little sorer after riding sessions. If so, you’ve probably been neglecting important components of your suspension system such as your Can-Am Defender’s shocks and springs. Had you decided to service your Can-Am Defender’s shocks and springs when you first began noticing issues you would not be in the position that you are in now. Choosing to stay on top of the management and maintenance of your Can-Am Defender’s shocks and springs can save you a lot of time, a lot of money, and a lot of down time, and we know how much you value the time on the trail and on the racecourse. If you’re guilty of neglecting your Can-Am Defender’s shocks and springs, don’t beat yourself up too much. The UTV aftermarket shocks and springs that you need for Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender MAX are right here waiting for you.

Do you want to replace the factory shocks on your Can-am Defender? Are you looking for more rebound, tighter suspension, or reservoir shocks. Whatever you’re looking for in the UTV shock department, at Everything Can-Am Offroad we’re here to help. When discussing Can-am Defender shock upgrades — or any UTV shock upgrades for that matter — Elka is a name that often comes up. For the riders on a budget, you might have a minor heart attack when you see the price tag of Elka shocks. Yes they are pricy, but they are arguably the best option out there. There are a few other side-by-side companies that make shocks for the Can-Am Defender, but not many. If your Defender is a cab model, XMR, or Lonestar edition — note that the cab model comes with factory full doors, a glass windshield, a rear windscreen, and a heater — the suspension is 2-3” wider than that of other Defender models. Consequently, the shocks from an RZR 900 XP — Fox shocks — will fit in these Defenders, improving suspension and also giving the UTV around 2” of lift.

Choose from any of the Can-Am Defender shocks and springs you see here and know that the parts that you are upgrading your machine with are of the best quality and will serve you and your Can-Am Defender for years to come. Additionally, we have all the parts and accessories you may need for your Can-Am Defender’s suspension system. We have no shortage of the best Can-Am Defender seal kits, bushing kits, and spring spacers. If you are planning on replacing or servicing your Can-Am Defender’s shocks and springs yourself, you’re going to want specific tools that will make this job a lot easier on yourself. A Can-Am Defender spring compressor tool makes servicing your suspension system a breeze, while a Can-Am Defender shock adjustment tool is highly recommended when replacing your Can-Am Defender’s shocks.

When Can-Am designed the Defender, they certainly didn’t go all out with the shocks. The Can-Am Defender’s stock shocks are far from the best option available which is why so many people choose to upgrade them with aftermarket UTV shocks. Riders with forward A-arms and sway bar deletions may also want upgraded shocks to eliminate the added roll that occurs without sway bars. And if you ramp your Can-Am Defender, stiffer shocks are highly suggested. There are a few ways to go about upgrading your Can-Am Defender’s shocks. You can always throw in an HD spring by UTV companies like S3 Powersports. This is a simple upgrade and does not require you to change the strut. However, although it is possible to run an S3 spring on XTP struts, S3 says that their springs were only tested with the standard strut. So, if you want more adjustability in your Can-Am Defender’s shocks, are looking for aftermarket shock accessories so that you don’t keep bottoming your shocks out, or are just looking for a stiffer shock for a firmer ride, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad we’ve got Can-Am Defender shock upgrades and suspension system kits for all riding styles and terrain types.

Your Can-Am Defender’s shocks play a huge roll in allowing you to have a smoother, more comfortable riding experience for you and your passengers. Real riders know that good-quality shocks can mean the difference between damaging the underside of your vehicle or hurting your body and absorbing the force of lumps and bumps along the trail. New shocks also give you the chance to add extra height to your Can-Am Defender with lift kits and larger aftermarket tires. All of the shocks and springs you need to get better performance out of your Can-Am Defender are available here at Everything Can-Am Offroad.

You can get Shock Reservoir Nitrogen Expansion Caps for your Can-Am Defender and your Can-Am Defender MAX that can improve the nitrogen levels of the shock absorbers for an overall smoother, more comfortable experience. You can also get all of the Can-Am Defender replacement springs and shocks you need to get your UTV running at peak performance. There’s no reason to keep suffering with your Can-Am Defender’s old and worn-out suspension system. Get shocks and springs for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad and get a smoother riding experience today!