Can-Am Defender Accessories

Get ready to kick your Can-Am Defender into high gear with Everything Can-Am Offroad's spectacular selection of 10K+ parts and accessories, designed to inject your ride with unmatched fun and functionality. Whether you're tackling the untamed back forty, embarking on thrilling trail rides, or simply enjoying the great outdoors with friends, we've got everything you need to elevate your Defender UTV experience. Light up the night with our radiant light bars and cube lights, fortify your Defender with our ultra-durable, powder-coated bumpers and tree kickers, and cruise comfortably with our sleek polycarbonate windshields and robust roofs that scoff at the elements. And for those who prioritize comfort without compromising on style, our plush custom seats promise to make every journey in your UTV feel like a luxury experience.

Our inventory doesn't stop there; we're fully stocked with high-performance parts from SuperATV and rugged, stylish accessories from Rough Country, ensuring your Defender is ready for any adventure. Add in the tough protection of skid plates, the convenience of doors, and the utility of snow plows for a ride that’s equipped for hunting, farming, and beyond. Now featuring DRT Motorsports for those who demand the pinnacle of performance and design, along with a myriad of fun additions and crucial replacements, we make it easy to customize your Defender to reflect your unique style and needs. With Everything Can-Am Offroad, transforming your Can-Am Defender into a beast of fun and function is just an order away. Let’s gear up and make every ride an unforgettable adventure!

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Can-Am Defender Parts and Top Aftermarket Brands for Every Adventure

Many riders enjoy nighttime and early morning excursions, making our light bars, cube lights, and flood lights some of the best-sellers for the Can-Am Defender. But it's not just about lighting. With renowned brands like Armor Tech, Fortress, ATV UTV TEK, and SuperATV under our belt, you can find the ideal accessory for every need – from solo farm chores to fun outings with family and friends. Plus, with add-ons like LED headlights, mirrors, and turn signal kits, you can upgrade your UTV to be nearly street-legal, subject to local ORV (off-road Recreational Vehicle) regulations.

Customizing Your Can-Am Defender with Aftermarket Defender Accessories

The Can-Am Defender is undeniably a stellar UTV that will take you to those hardest get place, and do it in style! However, with a touch of customization, it can be transformed into something truly exceptional for your specific riding style such as, hunting, mudding, farming, trail riding, or others. Whether it's a lift kit for extra ground clearance, a snorkel kit for dust and moisture protection, or a sound system to liven up the trail, Everything Can-Am Offroad has you covered. Our wide range of parts, accessories, and supplies ensures your Defender stands out, and our unparalleled customer service guarantees a seamless shopping experience.

Boost Performance at Better Prices than OEM

Elevate your UTV's speed, steering, clutching, tires, wheels, heavy duty Rhino Axles, or engine performance with the finest upgraded parts from Everything Can-Am Offroad. We don’t sell OEM parts, we sell better than OEM parts, at better prices than you can image! Whether you're aiming for enhanced performance or added style, we offer a vast selection of aftermarket accessories tailored for both the Can-Am Defender and Can-Am Defender MAX. From larger wheels and tires to essential replacement parts and even luxury additions like custom seats and heaters, you'll find everything under one roof (any yes, even roofs under that one roof…LOL).

Question: Does your accessories fit my Defender model?

Answer: Yes, our accessories most Can Am Defender models, regardless of the year- the main different in the models is not the frame or fitment, it is the accessories that come on the machine from the BRP factory, or a engine horsepower, which does not affect the accessories. These models offer different options, but most parts will fit your model, with the exception if your model has the Accessory already. For example, the Defender Pro, it comes with a Windshield and Roof already, so you would not want another one, but all other accessories or parts fit the PRO.

For your reference below are some examples of Defender models that have universal “Defender” fitment: (We Carry parts and Accessories for Defenders 2025-2016)

  • Defender HD5
  • Defender HD7
  • Defender HD8
  • Defender HD9
  • Defender HD10
  • Defender XT
  • Dender Limited
  • Defender Pro

If you have any specific questions on your specific Can Am Defender model, we are always on standby by phone, chat, text, email, or online chat!

Give us a call: 920-214-8201
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