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Clutches and Clutch Kits

There are a few routes to take the it comes to the Can-am Defender clutch. Some riders are looking for that little something extra that a Can-am Defender clutch kit can provide. Other riders would advise against a clutch kit, and suggest that upgrading the clutch on your Can-am defender is the better route to go. We here at Everything Can-Am Offroad have had great success out of the Airdam clutch kits. We’ve hooked up a number of Can-am Defenders with these kits that run 35's and 37’s, and have gotten great feedback. If you are super aggressive with no gear reduction and a large tire, we definitely suggest upgrading to an aftermarket Can-am Defender clutch set up. It should be noted that the clutches are different on the Defender than other Can-ams, so you have to proceed with diligence when modifying your UTV’s clutching system. If you’re running tires smaller than 33”, an aftermarket clutch may not be essential — just keep her pinned and let her eat. Anything bigger, however, and you’ll find that a clutch kit or replacement clutch will provide big improvements.

In addition to Airdam, side-by-side companies like QSC, STM, and EPI also make great Can-am Defender clutches, clutch kits, and clutch components. EPI is particularly notable and allows for a great degree of customization. Go with their Mudder clutch and springs — CAPS2 primary spring and a QRS4 secondary spring — if you’re running tires larger than 29” and playing in the slop. Otherwise, if you’re running anything smaller than 29’s, you’d be best of with their GRS3 secondary spring. Unlike their trail-specific clutch springs, the mudder-specific springs are specifically made for intense mud. You’ll max out at around then miles an lower in low, but your Can-am Defender will be able to power through the deepest of the deep. Whether you’re looking for a better throttle response, quicker engagement, or a terrain-specific clutch for the areas in which you ride, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got the best Can-am Defender clutches and clutch kits that money can buy.

2 products

2 products

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