Clutches and Clutch Kits

Upgrade your Can-Am Defender with a clutch kit from Everything Can-Am Offroad and experience seamless torque transmission, smooth enagagements, and efficient heat dissipation. Our wide range of products cater to those looking for a complete clutch replacement, offering Can-Am Defender clutch pullers and tools. We also provide clutch parts and components for those who just need an upgrade. Choose from our selections of Can-Am Defender clutch rollers, springs, and weights to enhance your vehicle's performance. Don't let a faulty clutch ruin your off-road adventures. Trust Everything Can-Am Offroad to provide you with the best clutch kit solutions for your Can-Am Defender.

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There are a few routes to take when it comes to the Can-Am Defender clutches. Some riders are looking for that little something extra that a Can-Am Defender clutch kit can provide. Other riders would advise against clutch kits, and instead argue that upgrading the clutch and clutch components in your existing primary and secondary clutches is the better way to go. We here at Everything Can-Am Offroad have had great success out of the Air Dam clutch kits. We’ve hooked up a number of Can-Am Defender owners with these kits that run 35-37” tires and have gotten great feedback. If you are super aggressive with no gear reduction and a large set of tires, we definitely suggest upgrading to an aftermarket Can-Am Defender clutch set-up. It should be noted that the clutches are different on the Defender than other Can-Am UTVs, so you have to proceed with diligence when modifying your bike’s clutching system. If you’re running tires smaller than 33”, an aftermarket clutch may not be essential — just keep her pinned and let her eat. Anything bigger, however, and you’ll find that a clutch kit or replacement clutch will provide night-and-day improvements. And even without a full-blown clutch upgrade, replacing clutch components like your Can-Am Defender clutch springs, clutch weights, and clutch rollers can also bring performance gains that you’d never dream of with a stock Can-Am Defender clutch.

Even if you’re not experiencing any Can-Am Defender clutch problems, your rig still might be lacking power -- a phenomenon that’s only exacerbated when heavier tires and rims are installed. A small hill or sand dune, for example, might force you to stop and shift into low. Add a heavy load and even the HD10 Limited edition will become a turd in the power department. And while the XMR editions may feel like they have a bit more power, the reason for this is because they come with a factory gear reduction. At the very least, after installing oversized tires, you should also install an aftermarket Can-Am Defender clutch spring. With a CAPS2 primary clutch spring and a QRS2 secondary clutch spring by EPI Performance, you’ll feel like you’re driving a totally different machine. Your rig will hit 6,200 RPMs off the bat, and increase from there when the sheaves are fully engaged. The Defender engines generate more power up top, but to get there, you need the revs. And to get those revs, Can-Am Defender clutch and clutch component upgrades are compulsory!

In addition to Can-Am Defender clutch upgrades and Can-Am Defender clutch kits, many riders have also come to Everything Can-Am Offroad for Can-Am Defender clutch tools such as Can-Am Defender clutch pullers and Can-Am Defender clutch holders. Although you might be able to hold the secondary clutch in your Can-Am Defender with your hand to break the bolt loose and then slide it off the shaft from there, it’s incredibly hard to remove the belt without a belt removal clutch tool. So if you do your own work and rarely rely on dealers or mechanics, we’ll sort you out with everything from Can-Am Defender primary clutch pullers to Can-Am Defender helix adjustment tools!

While Can-Am Defender clutch kits like the Outlaw Super Duty Extreme Clutch by High Lifter and the Can-Am Defender clutch replacements by EVO, Dynojet, and EPI are all solid options, if you’re experiencing Can-Am Defender clutch problems like jumpiness and rough engagements, some replacement Can-Am Defender clutch parts might do the trick. The stock clutch rollers on the Can-Am Defender, for instance, are rather cheap and thin, and replacing these with Gboost clutch rollers or the Can-Am Defender clutch rollers by Aftermarket Assassins is a cheap and easy way to fix jumpy takeoffs and those ominous clicking sounds that emanate from your secondary clutch when changing directions.

Some Can-Am Defender clutch kits provide more bottom-end torque, while others are all for high-end speed. Adjusting / tuning the clutch weights and clutch springs can help with this, but most clutch kits for the Can-Am Defender are designed to provide more low-end torque, which tends to lower your machine’s maximum MPH. So if you’re not sure which clutch kit is right for you and your Defender, reach out to Everything Can-Am Offroad and we’ll get you sorted with the right clutch / clutch components for your specific demands!

In addition to Airdam, side-by-side companies like QSC, STM, and EPI also make great Can-am Defender clutches, clutch kits, and clutch components. EPI is particularly notable and allows for a great degree of customization. Go with their Mudder clutch and springs — CAPS2 primary spring and a QRS4 secondary spring — if you’re running tires larger than 29” and playing in the slop. Otherwise, if you’re running anything smaller than 29’s, you’d be best of with their GRS3 secondary spring. Unlike their trail-specific clutch springs, the mudder-specific springs are specifically made for intense mud. You’ll max out at around then miles an lower in low, but your Can-am Defender will be able to power through the deepest of the deep. Whether you’re looking for a better throttle response, quicker engagement, or a terrain-specific clutch for the areas in which you ride, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got the best Can-am Defender clutches and clutch kits that money can buy.

Are you after a clutch, a clutch kit or a belt cooling system for your Can-Am Defender? Whichever of the three it is, you will find exactly what you need right here and you will be satisfied with the performance of the part that you decide on. A major plus of choosing one of the kits that you find here is that you know that at Everything Can-Am Offroad we choose to carry only the best in every price point and in every category of parts. Whether you want the very best or just the best, whichever you leave purchasing will still be one of the best clutches, clutch kits or belt cooling systems that you can get for your Can-Am Defender in the UTV aftermarket parts industry. We understand how crucial a decision this is for you in the life of your machine so knowing your driving style and what you use your machine for is also major bit that you need to have on hand while making the right decision for your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender MAX. These choices that you see here will deliver on the performance that they promise you will get out of your UTV. Choose the clutch, clutch kit or belt cooling system that is best for your machine and get back to work or to the trails or race courses that you love.

A powerful clutch and a monster machine are a great combination! Clutch upgrades can help to improve performance, especially in lifted vehicles with big tires. The right clutch can alleviate issues like loss of power and delayed response time. We have the perfect clutch for you at Everything Can-Am Offroad. Elevate your riding experience and enjoy reduced overheating, less belt slippage, a greater transfer of power down to your tires, and faster backshift for a quicker response. You can get an Outlaw Clutch Kit by High Lifter for your Can-Am Defender or an Outlaw Super Duty Extreme Clutch Kit for your Can-Am Defender MAX. You can benefit from faster acceleration on sand, rocks and any other terrain you trek with a new high-quality clutch. Don’t get left behind when you can ride with the big boys. Get clutches and clutch kits for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.