Bed and Tailgate

Enhance your Can-Am Defender's functionality and organization with bed and tailgate accessories from Everything Can-Am Offroad. The Can-Am Defender bed anchors provide reliable support for heavy loads, while Can-Am Defender bed racks, rails, and toolboxes keep your gear organized and secure. Whether you're hauling equipment or heading out on an adventure, these accessories help maximize your rig's efficiency. With options like these, you can trust that your gear will stay put and be easily accessible whenever you need it. Shop Everything Can-Am Offroad for premium Can-Am Defender bed and tailgate accessories and take your off-road experience to the next level!

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Whether you use your UTV as a workhorse around the job site during the week, as an off-road vehicle to get you to and from the deer stand during hunting season, or as a hedonistic pleasure machine to dominate over terrain like mud, snow, and crag to feed your superiority complex, there are many advantages that one can gain through the addition of Can-Am Defender bed and tailgate accessories. Can-Am Defender bed racks, for instance, are not only a great way to store spare parts, tools, and equipment, but they’re also perfect for hauling lumber or that freshly-killed and quartered eight-point elk. And if you’re going trophy hunting, Can-Am Defender bed extenders and Can-Am Defender bed winches are also available to lengthen your tailgate and help you hoist hefty carcasses up and into your vehicle’s cargo tray. But what if length isn’t the issue, and the height of your bed is the limiting factor? Well, you’re in luck, because with a set of Can-Am defender bed rails, you can load your UTV up to the brim and increase its cargo capacity immensely without the need to install a top-heavy roof rack or pull an expensive tow-behind trailer! From Can-Am Defender bed wall extenders to Can-Am Defender tailgate replacements, find all the Can-Am Defender bed accessories you seek at Everything Can-Am Offroad now!

Storage racks for the bed of the Can-Am Defender as well as bed rails and tailgate extensions are all fine and dandy, but when it comes to hauling human cargo, the best course of action is to use a Can-Am Defender bed seat. If you’ve got a large family unit or an entire crew of workers that need to be lugged around, the limited seating in the cab of a 2-seat Defender, a Defender 6x6, and even a Defender MAX may leave you squeezed, squashed, and packed in like a can of sardines. With an in-bed seating accessory, however, you’ll gain some much-needed elbow room that even the most claustrophobic individual would deem acceptable. Whether it’s bed seating or Can-Am Defender bed tool boxes, you’re going to require the right Can-Am Defender bed mounts regardless of what you’ve got planned for the rear of your vehicle.

When you’re strapping down loads and securing equipment / gear with straps, ropes, and bungee cords, having a few extra Can-Am Defender bed anchors will make the tie-down process easier and prevent your belongings from falling overboard. Similarly, Can-Am Defender bed covers perform a similar role, protecting your supplies and preventing them from flying up and out the back. In wet climates, Can-Am Defender bed covers are the perfect way to shelter your in-bed items from the storm. And in hot climates, Can-Am Defender bed covers will ward off the dust and dirt that gets kicked up from your tires during the dry season. Come what may, you can handle it all with the right Can-Am Defender bed and tailgate accessories from Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Where functionality is concerned, Can-Am Defender bed racks and Can-Am Defender tailgate extenders take the cake. But as far as aesthetics go, the looks of your machine will be greatly improved with some Can-Am Defender bed side panels or a shiny new Can-Am Defender tailgate emblem. Add an aftermarket Can-Am Defender tailgate latch to the equation and you’ve now got a bed that offers style, functionality, and proficiency! When push comes to shove, the Battle Armor UTV, Great Day, Trail Armor, and RazorBack Offroad bed accessories from Everything Can-Am Offroad just make life easier!

On top of the great selection of Can-Am Defender bed accessories, bed add-ons, and bed mods we offer here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we also sell replacement Can-Am Defender bed parts for those who just want to restore their UTVs back to the way they were when they first bought them. Can-Am Defender tailgate parts and even complete Can-Am Defender tailgate replacements are often sought by those who put their rigs through hell on the farm or job site. Parts for Can-Am Defender power tilt beds and Can-Am Defender dump beds are also in high demand, as these types of electric-powered beds can never last as long as a standard non-dumping bed. From Can-Am Defender flatbeds to Can-Am Defender bed frames, get more out of your ride with the affordable Can-Am Defender bed accessories and Can-Am Defender tailgate accessories available at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Looking for extra seating for friends and family? Can-am Defender bed seats can help you out with that. And where safety is concerned, bed seating is far better then simply sitting in the wide-open bed — even if it is rather comfy due to the Can-am Defender bed mat you installed. Like passenger protection, protecting your equipment is also important, albeit slightly less. To keep your gear nice and dry in your cargo bed, Can-am Defender bed covers are available. Weatherproof and water resistant, these UTV bed covers can withstand the elements. But if you want something that can start up to gale force winds and high category weather — not to mention thieves or prodding wildlife — a Can-am Defender bed box is your best option to keep your belongings safe and secure. Regardless of where you ride, how you ride, or why you ride, at Everything Can-Am Offorad, we’ve got the Can-am Defender bed accessories and tailgate add-ons for every occasion.

So you have extended the tray and added the bed rails, you might want to add a bed rack to your Can-Am Defender. This would really come in handy as you will not lose storage capacity but instead raise it out of the bed of your UTV itself. This is just one of the many options that you will find here for your Can-Am Defender and it is also available for your Can-Am Defender MAX. These bed and tailgate accessories are some of the best UTV aftermarket accessories that you can find in today’s market. They are built to be as resilient as your machine itself and they are the type of stylish add on that will not take away but rather add to the rugged look of your Side by Side. Choosing from the options here exposes and introduces you to some of the best brands that can be found in the industry, and you will be happy to know that we are not the only people who consider them the among the best. These brands are trusted by riders from around the world and have earned their reputation through years of delivering high-end and ins ome cases parts that are superior to their factory equivalents. When you are choosing an accessory for your machine, you want to know that it can stand the test of time while being useful. That is what you will get by choosing a bed and tailgate accessory that you see here for your UTV.

The bed of a UTV is one of the areas that prove that it’s the perfect utilitarian vehicle. Riders that use their machine for work understand the convenience of a bed, especially when it comes to transporting materials. Riders that are all about leisure, appreciate having the option to bring along coolers, gear and even extra people. Putting your touch on your rig is one of the best ways to improve its appearance. We supply all the bed and tailgate accessories you need at Everything Can-Am Offroad. You can get Under Bed Mud Shields for your Can-Am Defender or Steel Bed Mounts for your Can-Am Defender MAX. Increase the use of your bed with accessories that give you more storage options and can keep your tools safe. Our easy-to-install accessories will have you back on the road in no time. Get bed and tailgate accessories for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.