Cab Enclosures

It’s time to discover ultimate comfort and protection with our Can-Am Maverick R Cab Enclosures collection, tailored to suit every rider's needs every step of the way! Whether you're seeking a breezy ride with the very best partial cabs or full protection with our complete cab options, we have exactly what you need! Our range includes both flexible soft cabs and sturdy hard cabs, each designed to fit your specific preferences. Equip your Maverick R with efficient heating systems and thermostat valves for cozy warmth in cold conditions. Durable doors and clear windows offer both safety and optimal visibility, while interior fans ensure a comfortable airflow. Choose from our premium selection to transform your Can-Am Maverick R into what you always wanted it to be!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Cab Enclosures?

Soft vs Hard Maverick R Cab Enclosures

The two main types of can enclosures include soft and hard cab enclosures, both of which can be had in full enclosure types or half/modular enclosure types. Decide based on your specific needs and how and where you tend to drive it. Soft cab enclosures, generally made of flexible materials like vinyl, offer ease of installation and removal, ideal for those who change their setup frequently. Hard cab enclosures, built from materials like metal or plastic, provide enhanced protection and security, but they are more permanent and add weight to the vehicle. Consider the impact on driving dynamics and handling, especially if you often drive at high speeds or navigate challenging terrains. Also, if you are using your Maverick R throughout the year for more mundane tasks, a hard full enclosure is likely your best bet, especially if paired with a heater. 

Build Materials and Longevity

For UTV  cab enclosures, select materials that offer durability and weather resistance will always be paramount and the Can-Am Maverick R is no different. Therefore, be sure to opt for high-grade fabrics like reinforced nylon or polyester, with UV resistance and waterproof capabilities to withstand diverse weather conditions. Whatever it may be, remember, the durability of a cab enclosure isn't solely dependent on whether it's a soft or hard type; both can offer long-lasting protection if made from quality materials.

Ventilation and Functional Features

While at it, it would also be a good idea to look for cab enclosures with effective ventilation systems, such as screened windows or vents, to prevent condensation and maintain good airflow. Additional features like sturdy zippers, straightforward installation processes, anti-theft mechanisms, and integrated storage solutions can significantly enhance your experience and make it even better. A well-designed enclosure balances protection with functionality in order to give you the most usable solution you can get for your Can-Am Maverick R.

Visibility and Interior Comfort

Prioritize cab enclosures with clear, durable windows that ensure good visibility, crucial for safe driving in various conditions, including at night. Also keep in mind that you’ll likely need some form of a window wiper, whether a manual one or a motor-driven one. Comfort is key, so choose enclosures that have been tested for comfort, ensuring a pleasant interior environment, even on longer journeys. Be that as it may, be sure to balance your setup with the type of Can-Am Maverick R cab enclosure you go for.