Shocks & Springs

Everything Can-Am Offroad is the one-stop-shop for UTV owners searching for Can-Am Commander shock components. The site offers a variety of upgrades, including shock bushings, springs, and even total shock upgrades. Can-Am Commander spring kits are also available for those wanting a stiffer, more comfortable, or more responsive ride. Additionally, the website provides spring spacers and spring lifts for increased ground clearance and a taller ride height, giving UTV owners the freedom to customize their vehicle to their liking. Whether you're curious about Can-Am Commander shock lengths or need information on shock adjustments, Everything Can-Am Offroad has got you covered.

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The stock shocks on your CanAm Commander give you an okay ride when you are cruising along at low speeds and on flat surfaces but not all trails are flat and you definitely do not spend all of your time cruising around in your UTV. An upgraded shocks system will allow you to drive much faster over rougher terrain with much less jolting to the contents in your cab and is precisely what the doctors at Everything Can-Am Offroad suggest for your Can-Am Commander. Enjoy your ride without risking biting your tongue off in mid convo as you ride across jagged rocks or generally rougher terrain.

Dragonfire and Assault Industries both make shocks that are valved and that are compression/rebound adjustable which is very important to the quality of ride that you are looking for. We at Everything Can-Am offroad believe that in choosing the UTV aftermarket accessories, the brands that you choose have a large part to play in the longevity of the parts that you add to your CanAm Commander. Your Side by Side deserves the best and therefore we carry only the best brands to meet the needs of our customers and that is also something that you can trust and depend on.

In some cases, your shocks themselves may be fine, but the bushings may be off, which can account for the strange frontend sounds you may be hearing. Additionally, many Can-am Commander shocks are adjustable, and some riders don’t set their rebounds not set correctly. Depending on who you bought your aftermarket shocks from, you might be able to have them rebuilt. We know you can send them back to Fox — if you bought Fox shocks — and they’ll refresh or rebuild them at a less expensive price than buying new ones. But even if you choose to rebuild your shocks, you’ll still need to put nitrogen in them — that is, unless they are oil dampened. And in a similar vein, you can also get Can-am Commander shock replacement parts like springs and reservoirs to extend the life of your old shock system. Many riders also get their stock shock caps replaced with high capacity ones and upgrade to schrader valves. But regardless of what you’re looking for, be it Can-am Commander shock components or complete shock kits, we here at Everything Can-Am Offroad have what you need.

Do not wait until your ride is functioning like this though. If you are just browsing and you are already at the point of having a cushion on your seat so that those holes you hit don’t hurt as much then you should really consider swapping out your old shocks for some new ones. The problem with waiting too long to swap your shocks for new ones is that you can run into other suspension problems and therefore will be adding more expense that could have been avoided by staying on top of servicing or changing the shocks on your UTV. An example of  high quality shocks that we offer is the Phantom Pro Sport Series Remote Reservoir Shocks with 6” lift kit. These shocks not only will improve the quality of ride that you enjoy, but will also give you ground clearance that the underside of your Can-Am Commander will surely thank you for. Then there are the springs that you have overlooked as well. We have quite a few options when it comes to springs but you can be sure that they are going to go the distance with you. As UTV aftermarket suspension parts go, you are choosing from the best there is. You will definitely be happy with your ride after you invest in your suspension when it comes to replacing or upgrading the shock and springs on your Can-Am Commander or Can-Am Commander MAX.

One of the simplest ways to ensure comfort when you ride is to upgrade the shocks on your UTV. Its ability to absorb imperfections on the trail means that you get a smoother, more even ride with less damage inflicted on your machine. Additionally, upgrading your shocks means that you can lift your rig and add larger tires for a menacing appearance and enhanced performance. You can get Phantom Pro-Sport Series Remote Reservoir Shocks with a 6 Inch Lift Kit for your Can-Am Commander or a Front Upper Shock Support for your Can-Am Commander MAX. We also supply replacement springs with spring rates of 150lbs to 225lbs that work with your stock shocks. You can benefit from customizable compression, rebound and preload when you opt for heavy-duty springs and an increased shock body. No matter when you like to ride, we have the perfect shocks for you. Get shocks and springs for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.