Assault Industries

There are companies who were birthed from the vision of the potential for a major profit margin and then there are companies such as Assault Industries, built from those passionate about their own UTV’s and providing the highest quality parts because they fully understand the rigors that your Can-Am Commander endures out on the course. This is why people trust Assault Industries.

From innovation in aerospace to the innovation for your aftermarket UTV parts, Assault Industries has over 30 years under their belts. This experience coupled with their immense passion for creating only the best parts for your Can-Am Commander, keeps Assault Industries at the top of their game. Another key thing that Assault Industries is known for is their ability to provide top of the line Can-Am Commander parts that are affordable.

Assault Industries, which is based in Orange County, California, prides itself on their ability to manufacture CNC machining and to do sheet metal fabrication, tube bending, welding, 3D laser scanning, and reverse engineering. Even with all their experience in creating the most awesome of aftermarket UTV parts, Assault Industries tests each product rigorously before it is shipped off to you the customer.

Whether you use your Can-Am Commander for leisure or competitively, Assault Industries has everything that you need for your machine. When it comes to being race track ready Assault Industries offers tons of safety gear and when it comes to aesthetic upgrades you need look no further to find everything from side mirrors and sun visors to speedometer bezels and even fire extinguishers.

Not one to put the machines above the human element, Assault Industries engage their customers by putting on weekly social media contests and frequently and consistently keeping them abreast of new products. This relationship leads to a network; a family for Can-Am Commander owners, where they can swap stories and keep updated. Assault Industries is more than just big business, they are big on the human side of it as well!

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