Bed and Tailgate

Transform your UTVs bed and tailgate experience with our exclusive Can-Am Maverick R Bed and Tailgate accessories collection! Delve into our selection of premium bed covers designed for utmost protection, along with innovative hitch n' ride haulers for expanded cargo capabilities. Our custom-fit bed liners offer rugged durability, safeguarding against wear and tear. Elevate your storage game with dynamic bar shelves and versatile mounting kits, ideal for organizing and securing your gear. Our range also includes essential bed mounting kits, cables, and accessories to ensure every excursion is thoroughly equipped. Illuminate your adventures and make your UTV stand out with sleek tailgate lights, adding both functionality and flair. With these sturdy tailgate enhancements, your Can-Am Maverick R becomes ready for every challenge!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Bed and Tailgate Accessories?

Your Needs for Can-Am Maverick R Bed and Tailgate Accessories

Firstly, you must assess your specific requirements for the Can-Am Maverick R and what will suit your needs better. If storage optimization is your goal, explore options like versatile racks, mounting solutions, and secure storage boxes as these will give you better-organized cargo or simply more cargo. For protection against the elements and rough terrain, durable bed liners and mud shields are vital. To safeguard your gear, consider robust bed covers with lockable features, ensuring security during your adventures. Lastly, if you want your UTV to look better, consider adding LED lights and strips which will make it stand out in the dark!

Build Materials and Durability

Only choose accessories made from durable materials that can withstand the demands of off-road use, especially if you are a Can-Am Maverick R off-road veteran! Materials like high-grade steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber offer a blend of strength, corrosion resistance, and longevity. Also be sure to select products with anti-corrosion properties, strong welds, and durable adhesives to ensure they endure the challenges faced by your Can-Am Maverick R.

Functional Design and Usability

Functionality should be a top priority for those who believe function always precedes form. If that sounds like you, make sure that the accessories you choose genuinely enhance your off-roading experience. Look for practical features like modular mounting systems for organized and accessible storage. Every accessory should be practical add value to your vehicle's utility and make your life easier. Since there are numerous mods you can do to your Can-Am Maverick R, make sure that the ones you do are worth it!

Safety and Security Measures

Safety is a critical consideration, both for a stock Can-Am Maverick R and a heavily modified one. Choose accessories with safe, user-friendly designs, especially if you're carrying sensitive items like tools, hunting gear, electronics, or firearms. Avoid accessories with sharp edges that could pose injury risks during loading and unloading. Opt for lockable and sturdy options that not only protect your belongings but also ensure a safer riding experience.