Storage Covers

Your Can-Am Maverick R deserves a tailor-made suit, and we are here to give you that! Welcome to our Can-Am Maverick R Storage Covers shop category, a place where your UTV gets all the protection and a sharp look to match! Opt for ultra-durable storage bags if resilience and compactness are your top priorities. These are designed to offer robust protection while being space-efficient, ensuring your Maverick R stays shielded and practical. For those rainy or outdoor conditions, our extensive waterproof covers are your ideal choice, offering complete moisture defense. Explore our custom-fit cargo box covers and precision-made dust covers that provide a snug fit, safeguarding your gear from dust, moisture, and sun damage. And for those with more extensive setups, specially designed Maverick R crew covers offer all-around protection, meticulously covering every part of your vehicle. Safeguard your Maverick R and keep it in immaculate condition with our Can-Am Maverick R Storage Covers range!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Storage Covers?

Can-Am Maverick R Storage Cover Types

Comprehensive Crew Covers

A Can-Am Maverick R crew cover is ideal for those seeking all-encompassing protection, especially for prolonged periods of non-use. These are designed for hibernation times when you want to leave your UTV unattended for seasons at a time.

Universal Storage Covers

A convenient option for quick protection, though they may not offer a perfect fit specific to the Maverick R. These are usually affordable and easy to find, but they won’t fit your Can-Am precisely.

Dustproof and Waterproof Covers

Essential for guarding against specific elements, tailored to your Can-Am Maverick R’s storage environment. So, if you store your UTV in dusty or windy conditions, make sure to get a cover to match.

Materials & Durability

Quality materials like nylon or polyester provide reliable defense against weather conditions which is why these are your go-to materials choices for a Can-Am Maverick R storage cover. For extremely harsh environments or constant outdoor storage, opt for covers made from ultra-durable, weather-resistant materials or multi-layered constructions. For indoor storage, softer covers may be preferable to maintain cleanliness without needing heavy-duty protection. It’s also a good idea to go with durable and soft storage bags in order to protect your storage cover when not in use.

Storage Cover Design & Precision

A precise fit is immensely important if you plan on fully covering your Can-Am Maverick R, especially for outdoor storage. Ill-fitting covers can lead to problems like dirt ingress or damage due to flapping in the wind which means that they can sometimes actually make your UTV dirtier compared to having no covers. Moreover, this will make your cover dirty, so whenever you put on the cover, it is going to make your Can-Am look like a mess. Seek out covers specifically designed for the Can-Am Maverick R, with adjustable features like drawstrings, buckles, or elastic hems for a snug fit.

Security Essentials and Storage

Consider covers with lockable fastenings or integrated cable locks for added security against theft, particularly important for outdoor storage. You should also look for Can-Am Maverick R storage covers with discreetly placed zippers to enhance security in outdoor and indoor areas. Lastly, also keep in mind that proper storage of a cover while not in use, is also very important, as it keeps the cover clean and ensures little wear and tear over the years.