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Lift Kits

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a Can-Am Maverick lift kit for your 2017 X XC, some spring spacers for your Maverick Max, or a UTV bracket lift for your Can-Am XDS Turbo, when it comes to increasing your rig’s ground clearance, lifting your Can-am Maverick is the way to go. Depending on your ride style and the terrain over which you traverse, you may not need a huge lift to get where you’re going. A simple 2” lift is more than sufficient for many applications — especially if you’re not looking to go crazy with master aftermarket tires or anything like that. The 3” bracket lift is popular and will help you go through more trails than the stock height. The more you crank the suspension the stiffer the ride will be, so just because you installed a lift doesn’t mean that your ride will be substantially stiffer. A higher ride height, however, will make your machine a little more top heavy, which is why some Maverick owners widen their stance with wheel spacers after installing a lift kit. The 3” SuperATV lift kit has gotten a lot of positive feedback, and you don’t have to cut or modify anything to install it. But if you own the XXC, you will have to get a particular type of tie rods as they are different than the ones on other Can-am Maverick editions.

A few riders we’ve spoken to have complained of breaking front axles after installing lift kits — the Highlifter kit in particular. They are under the impression that the only thing lift kits do is make your rig’s suspension super stiff, causing your machine to ride like crap and placing the CV joints at their max angle — causing axels to break. This, however, is a common misconception. Most UTV lift kits don’t do anything to your springs except move their mounting location. The front lift has relocation brackets which make the front shocks stand more vertical, changing their angle. This not only seems to stiffen the shock, but lessens the travel as well. Spring spacers can also be installed, which basically get stuffed between the springs, stiffening them and increasing the ride height. When you loosen up the springs to make your Maverick ride nice again, you’ll be back down to basically the stock ride height. If all you do is rip mud holes and could care less about the way your suspension feels, you may not notice how bad the ride is. But if you’re a rock crawler or hill climber, a specific types of lifts can ruin your ride and put more stress on the axles. This is where portal lifts come into play. Because they maintain the stock geometry, portals give your machine a taller ride height without putting added stress on the axles and CV joints. If you want more info about lifted Can-am Mavericks, feel free to shoot us a call or send on over an email and we’ll get you sorted out!

22 products

22 products

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