Portal Gear Lifts

If you ride mud parks, installing a portal gear lift on your Can-Am Maverick X3 is a great way to gain both ground clearance and torque. But even trail riders and prairie rollers can benefit from Can-Am Maverick X3 portal gear lifts. Regardless of whether you want 4” portals or 6” portals, Can-Am Maverick portals with a significant gear reduction, or non-reduction UTV portals, you’ll find everything you’re after here at Everything Can-Am Offroad! In many places, you’ve gotta have a big machine to make it through the tricky parts of the trail. And while it might be possible to go around the hard sections, where’s the fun in that? Attaining some extra height with a standard bracket lift is a decent option for some, but for others, increased ground clearance at the expense of comfort and reliability is simply out of the question. Unlike standard UTV lift kits, Can-Am Maverick X3 portal gear lifts don’t increase the angle of the axles. As such, portals are less likely to create excessive axle heat. Furthermore, Can-Am Maverick X3 portals won’t cause axle tips to break off inside the differentials. If you want a stiff and uncomfortable ride, go with a bracket lift. But if you want to keep the factory geometry of your machine while still positioning it higher above the ground, a Can-Am Maverick X3 portal gear lift is the way to go!

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A major benefit of running Can-Am Maverick X3 portals is the gear reduction they provide. While it is possible to put the 6×6 transmission into the Maverick to achieve a lower gear ratio, a better way to reduce your Maverick’s gearing is through portal boxes. For super heavy tires, portals with a 45% gear reduction will help you spin them through the thickest of mud. But if you still want to have decent top speeds on straightaways, a 30% or 15% gear reduction is also possible with Can-Am Maverick X3 portal gear lifts. So if you want more ground clearance as well as the ability to turn 37” BKT tires on 20” rims, you’ll never be satisfied until you install Can-Am Maverick X3portals on your side-by-side!